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My name is Penny Webb , I am currently a registered childminder and my childminding setting is called Penny’s Place. However, I am now planning to resign as a childminder at the end of March 2016. My reason for resigning are outlined here Click to read blog

I am mother to four, now grown up daughters and granny to TEN  grandchildren, 5 boys and  5 girls.

I am also now a foster carer (along with my husband Garry). We currently have three children in our care and although sometimes challenging, I am enjoying this new role.

I am passionate about ensuring that all children experience enabling environments, that enable them to reach their full potential, whatever that might be, through following their interests, supported by interested adults who know when to become involved and when to stand back.

I am totally against tick boxes, criteria check lists, bench marking, and labelling children. I believe that children should learn through play, in their own time and free of stress. It is because of these views that I am an active campaigner against what I consider to be inappropriate Government policy.

My passion  extends beyond the children in my direct care as I believe that it is important to share good practice, ideas and information, which I have always done through my voluntary work and by always being happy to talk to people about my experiences. I now use this blog to share information as well as my two professional Facebook Groups.

Readers need to be aware that I have recently been diagnosed as dyslexic, which has been a shock at my age. However, it does explain the mistakes in my writing, such as spelling, grammar, typo’s that I don’t spot, using completely the wrong words sometimes (that I also don’t spot), missing words and so on.

I hope readers of my blog will be able to focus on the content of my blogs and the information and opinions that I am sharing.

Once I have resigned from childminding, I will continue to blog and express my personal opinion, but for obvious reasons I will need to rename this blog – so watch this space!

Please Note

I have deleted some of my out of date blogs, especially ones about documents that are now not in use, and ones about events planned that have now taken place, however I have left old blogs that contain my opinion or have examples of practice as I hope people will still find these interesting.

Posted July 20, 2012 by psw260259

31 responses to “Hello and welcome to my blog

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  1. Penny what a fantastic site you have. I do not now were you find the time to do it all I’m amazed at all you fit in. Regards Elaine

  2. Penny, I continue to be amazed by your proactivity and level of professional activity, and in terms of your latest venture your site is magnificent. Mark, Pre-school Learning Alliance.

  3. Penny I agree with the above comments, I do not know how you find the time to do everything you are an amazing Ambassador for us x

  4. Love your articulate piece on Rosen’s blog – a minor masterpiece! Marie!

  5. Look forward to seeing you at the eca conference on the 27th October at Winchester University. Childminders who, to me, are worth their weight in gold will find much to identify with in this conference’s messages and I hope that you are sufficiently represented to make your professional voice heard. The country needs “quality” home-like very early years care and in my experience the best place to get that is with a childminder. Visit http://www.earlychildhoodaction.com for full conference details. Good Luck to all. Marie-Louise Charlton (Education Consultant)

    • Looking forward to meeting you as well Marie.

      Any childminders who want to join me and a few others at the ECA conference – please get in touch. We now have enough childminders going to qualify for a discount – so just £68 per person (and if get a few more might even get the next level discount.

  6. hi penny, i am too am passionate about our childcare career, and would love to attend your meeting in october. i am on training on the 1st and 3rd, so if your meeting is on thursday 4th i would love to attend, please let me know the set date, thanks. Tracy Beaumont

  7. Thank you so much Penny

  8. Nice to be able to keep in touch … Miss you on the forum. Thanks for all you do for us
    Jackie xx

  9. Could you post a link to the petition please so that we can sign it

    • Is it not showing? – should be on the page that you have commented on – I will check straight away. Thank you

      • Hello – It is showing to me – but maybe not to others? If you scroll down a little – you should see PETITIONS in bold – then in middle of page ‘Link to Stop, Listen, Consult petition – if you click on that it should take you straight to the petition site.

        Let me know if you can’t see it or if link not working – and I will investigate

      • Sorry it was there just me being dense as it didn’t look like a link button

      • Not a problem – better to ask as others might think the same.

  10. Hello Penny,

    I am in awe of your energy and amazing commitment and dedication, I find your blog and facebook updates very useful.

    I remember you mentioning you had a family member on the Autism Spectrum and wondered if you aware that the National Autistic Society were launching a Worcestershire and Herefordshire branch next week. I’ve copied and pasted the link below. I’m attending and am happy to email you information if it’s helpful. Keep up the great work!


    Best wishes,

    Kathryn Stinton

    • Hello Kathryn

      Thank you very much for the information, as I was not aware of this. Unfortunatly I will not be able to attend as that is the day of my step fathers funeral. I would be grateful if you would convey my apologies to those concerned and ask that I be included in any future information. My email is Pennys.place@hotmail.co.uk

      Thank you again for sharing the information


  11. And the insane Tory childcare policies continue! If they’ve got the money to give £10,000 to schools to take 2 yr olds, why can’t they use it to fund existing early years providers or to keep individual Ofsted inspections for all childminders. Don’t know where Truss gets her “evidence” from, as all the research I’ve read says quality home-based care is best for under 3s, & most of the best practise guidance for under 3s in the EYFS is about how group settings can be more homelike. Support parents, extended family & registered childminders in providing the care 2 year olds need & stop these hare-brained, developmentally inappropriate schemes!

  12. Brilliant website, thanks Penny

  13. Keep up the fantastic work you do penny,yes still minding. Well into my 47th yr. I.m in to minds about joining our local agency? Marnie.Telford.

  14. Hello penny my names helen meehan a person has been out to me today and she has asked for your help please .

    • Hello Helen

      I have edited your comment to remove the name – and I have sent an email to the email address used for this comment. Happy to help if I can

  15. Hi Penny, congratulations on your nomination for Outstanding Contribution at the Nursery World awards, I’m up for an award too and would love to say hi at the ceremony
    Kind regards

  16. Hello there. I read your blog with interest, but was predominantly attracted to it as yousaid you were diabetic and yet still working as a childminder. I wonder if I could ask you….? Did you have any difficulties with OfSTED becue of your diabetes? Did you have to create a policy in case of emergencies and if so what was it like ? I am diabetic and have been taching the past 24 years with no difficulty but am now hoping to register with OfSTED as a childminder. I have written an ‘in case of…’ policy but don’t want to scare of prospective parents. You can find me at Montessori at Tynan’s (Facebook) I would be so grateful if you could get in touch. Yours most kindly Lynne.

    • Hello Lynne – I have tried to find you on FB – thought I had and sent a friends request – so hopefully we can chat direct in the future.

      In my first registration I did not have diabetes – so no problem

      When I registered in 2010, I did. Ofsted did require a second more in depth health check – but it was not an issue – they just needed a few more questions answered.

      Yes I do have a policy to deal with emergencies – I had created this anyway, without any direction from Ofsted because I think it is important to have thought things through and discuss with parents. My policy just details the precautions that I take (such as checking before I drive – my licence is a 3 yr medically restricted one) about the things I take with me, about making neighbours and colleagues aware, and about how I help the children – for example bringing me the phone / going in the garden to ring the emergency bell (of course depends on age of the children.

      I am currently not taking insulin – but when I was the children knew I injected – and like to watch – and they could tell people where my medication is kept by pointing (but not in their reach. Simple things like understanding that my glucose tablets were not sweets and just for me, help with the general understanding.

      I hope this reply is useful – if you want to discuss further – please get in touch

  17. Beautiful Blog Penny, Thanks

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