Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500C – A review for Mumsnet   Leave a comment

Karcher Steam Cleaner SC2.500C

I offered to review this product for http://www.mumsnet.com/bloggers-network because  I am a very busy childminder,  and as a family we have 3 dogs, plus 8 grandchildren – so the house suffers from constant use, but I have very little free time for in- depth cleaning.

Arrival of the steam cleaner     

It arrived on the right day, at the right time and the box was in very good condition

Assorted March photos 031

Assorted March photos 032









It was very easy to put together – just some push fittings and clear picture instructions

Assorted March photos 038


Using the Katcher Steam Cleaner

The hall has a tiled floor and  with the constant traffic of dog and people feet over the winter period the hall floor was – being honest – very dirty looking,and although not the best picture  I hope you can see dark patches and the black join lines.

Assorted March photos 039

First I used the hard large head which removed a fair amount of dirt, then I used the small brush and finally the small round brush.

The only thing I did find was that I needed to wipe the floor to remove the dirt and to help dry it. Within half an hour the hall floor looked like this

Assorted March photos 044

I hope  the difference can be clearly seen

Over the next week I used the cleaner several times and on different surfaces such as wall tiles in the kitchen, the shower surround in the bathroom and paintwork. I found the steam cleaner was excellent for all those hard to reach places where dust and dirt gather.

After testing a small area  I  also cleaned the carpet

Assorted March photos 001

Using the big brush attachment it was very easy and very quick to do large areas – and easy to switch to the small round brush to do small areas of stains.

I found that by doing a quick clean that I did not need to dry the carpet and although a little damp could be walked on if you really had to. The next day when the carpet was fully dry, it felt soft and springy to walk on.

On the whole I am very impressed with the Karcher steam cleaner SC 2.500C

Link to in – depth review of this product on my blog

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