Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July   Leave a comment

Although not working this weekend and so no children, it was very much a childminding weekend!

I met up with friends from the childmindinghelp forum and of course when childminders get together, we can not avoid the subject of childminding!

I traveled with my friend Carol to London, catching the 6:37am train to Marylebone and then the tube to Brixton where we met our colleague and friend Wendy and her lovely daughter Rosie(who had kindly offered us overnight accommodation.

I had a great weekend – lots of chat, sunshine, ‘naughty’ food , look round markets

Last bit of journey home was not so good – due to improvement works at New Street station had to walk to find escalator to get to way out and so missed connection at Moor Street station. Next train was delayed and when we finally got on it – it terminated at next station due to ‘problems’ and so we had to  get across to other platform to get a different train. Not a big deal – but last thing needed when already really tired.

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