Tuesday 31st – A day of painting, teasing and musical discoveries   Leave a comment

As the adult in the setting – I decided (planned) to try and incorporate some thing to do with our topic on Goldilocks and the 3 bears – and link to our new topic which will start next week (well it will if mindees interested!) on The 3 Little Pigs.

I also wanted to offer opportunity for some painting – as my ‘in my head’ overview of activities offered lately said that painting had not been available very often. (Like most things – I find I don’t need to refer to any paper records as I ‘just know’ – however there are paper records of activities offered – in fact loads of them – the photo’s, the entries in the children’s diaries, the entries in my diary – ans some days have additional records).

So – although I am not very keen on prepared activities – preferring to offer resources and to give the children complete choice –  sometimes they do have a place and can be useful –  as long as the children can make choices within the activity and are not ‘encouraged’ to take part when they really don’t want to.

So I pre cut large squares and large triangles of paper, set out triangle and square sponges and two colours of paint in trays. In my opinion very adult directed. I told the children that they would take turns to come into the kitchen to paint a house and that we were going to use triangles and squares.

First ‘in the head observation’ – all mindees wanted to take part and stood at the gate across the kitchen door watching and commenting on whoever was painting. all mindees know the shape names triangle and square – without prompting or even adult asking (excited pointing – ‘its square’ and so on). Second observation – they all choose to paint triangle on the triangle paper and squares on the square paper (although I hoped they would to make connections between the shapes – they had free choice over this) so we ended up with 4 each of red square paper with orange square paint prints – and yellow triangle paper with purple triangle paint prints!But thinking about it – maybe I should have known this as they are all currently developing ideas about fairness, and so having and doing the same – together with the concept of turn taking. Third observation – all mindees started by doing nice neat shape prints and all mindees have good space awareness and the first shape prints did not over lap – but then they started to use their creative skills and some of them used the shape sponge to create blocks of colour and some to use it like a brush.So in the end we had 4 unique paintings.



A bit later on the children decided they wanted to play with the musical instruments (part of the continuous  provision ) however they did not use the instruments in traditional ways – each of them used their imagination – Alex used a maracas to beat the tambourine, Shona used the play spatula  to beat a rhythm n the table, Mia put an egg shaker in a cake case and Chinzia used the two halves of the symbols to beat a rhythm on the table. The result – a very loud bang bang sound!

Ok –  I have covered the painting and the music – what else was there? Oh yes the teasing – one mindee thought it very funny to tickle the other children, to lie on top of them  and to hide their things – unfortunately the other children did not find it very funny at all and so we had squeals of ‘No like it’ and ‘Penny – no like it tickle (or whatever it was).

The same mindee thought it would be fun to refuse to tidy up or to do whatever asked to do – and Penny certainly did not find this aspect funny.

Then just before the end of the day – the mindee who had been doing the teasing said ‘ I have been a cheeky  haven’t I?’ – and it was very hard not to laugh and to keep a straight face while saying ‘Yes, you have and your friends did not like you being cheeky’

So I suppose the mindee did manage to amuse in the end.

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