Wednesday 1st August – A long day!   Leave a comment

An early start today – first mindee arrived at 6:20, then together we went to collect 2nd mindee from home – and it was non stop from then on!

Five mindees in total – so an assistant needed (temporary arrangements until EYFS 2012 is implemented in September – when I will no longer require an assistant. If not already read my post on this – take a look at Bye, bye variations, Hello exceptions).

A slight hiccup at the beginning of the day as my assistant was unable to come due to illness of her son. However my friend Carol (Registered Childminder) stepped into help – even though it was her day off from her own childminded children.

Outside play – nothing unusual in that – but mindees quickly spotted the new resource! A set of 3 saucepans hanging from the fence and a basket full of wooden spoons. No explanation or demonstration needed! Soon they were all composing their own tunes and rhythms. Afterwards they took two wooden spoons each and stood on the wooden platform and did a little song and dance performance using the spoons to beat the rhythm. What was amazing is they have never done this before – they did not communicate the idea verbally – they just did it. Oh and if wondering – no there was not one who started and the rest copied – they all did it ‘as one’.

Treat at snack time as Erin and her mummy had made cakes at home and Erin had brought some to share (we did not have our usual fruit – but it was included at lunch time).

It then started to rain and the children choose to do some threading – ‘in the head observation – Alex is now very good at threading and was able to thread using a normal threading lace – rather than the ones with wooden ends (much easier for very young children to use)

After lunch the children all went down for a nap, and Carol and I were able to have our lunch – and talk about all things childminding. One of the things discussed was a conference that we would like to attend in September – but the price is a little high for us not to mention the fact that on a Thursday and Friday which makes it near impossible for us to go due to childminding. It is one of my ‘soap box’  issues – the ‘best’ conferences are on in the week – and the same can be said for a lot of quality training – and for many individual childminders the costs is just to high. ( I am currently considering in there is a way to ensure this information is made available to childminders – maybe through cascading or maybe through blogs on here – possibly by guest bloggers as well as myself – but that is all to be considered in the future)

Once the children woke there was time for a little bit of free play before it was time for Carol to go home – dropping Erin off to her mummy on the way – and time for me to collect my grandchildren Dominic and Scarlett. My eldest daughter came to be my assistant for the hour between Carol going and my husband arriving home, when he took over as my assistant mainly to help with Dominic and Scarlett.

A hectic couple of hours followed with tea for the children and parents collecting their children.

At 7pm just Chinzia, Dominic and Scarlett left – and time to wrap up the day at Penny’s Place – but not my day!

After I had taken Dominic and Scarlett home – it was time to take Chinzia home, put her to bed and then baby sit until her mummy returned from work.

My working day finally finished at 10pm – as I say a long day.

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