Thursday 2nd August – A day in Bewdley   Leave a comment

Although my childminding setting ‘Penny’s Place’ is based in a fairly typical, modern estate house – within a few minutes’ walk you can be in green spaces. Slightly further afield there is lots of beautiful countryside, the Wyre Forest, the canal system, the River Severn and lots of small towns and villages.

One of these small towns is Bewdley which used to be an inland port many years ago, but now is a market town set on the banks of the River Severn.

The weather forecast was a bit mixed, but off we set with picnic, outings bag, potties, all in one rainsuits, suncream, sun hats and a pushchair – I certainly need to take a lot of ’stuff’ to go out with 4 mindes. We met Carol and her 4 mindees (2 babies and 2 school age children) at the leisure centre car park – and as pre planned I had one of Carol’s babies in my buggy with two of my toddlers holding onto buggy, and Carol has two of my toddlers holding onto her pushchair with the other baby in it. This made it much easier for us both to get around – especially as we knew in places the path would be narrow.

We walked from the leisure centre along the river bank to the town centre – as a bonus we saw a huge crane, and a man stood in the river fishing. Once in the town we headed to the museum – and as it had started raining we were glad of some shelter. We were also delighted to find out that not only did the children get in for free – but adults did too.

Considering I had not done any research about the museum’s displays the visit fitted in really well with our topic and some of the children’s interests. The first room we went in had displays about local rocks – some real rocks and magnifying glasses to examine them – and some foam boulders placed on a table. I moved the boulders onto the floor and the children had a great time building ‘towers’, ‘church’ (photo of local church on the wall), ‘house’ and from Alex a ‘choo choo train’. I also supported the children to feel the weight, temperature and texture of one of the real rocks  – the children noted it was heavy and cold.


We moved on through the museum finding  lots of things that the children could look at and touch.

Archie was very interested in the pieces of wood with different ‘joints’ such as dovetail and mortice which he found by the ‘model house display. He spent a long time trying to join the pieces of wood together.

Hopefully when (if) we moved on to our new topic of the Three Little pigs – this picture of the house in the museum will help remind the children of our visit to the museum and twill provide links to the different building materials that the 3 little pigs use.

All the children loved the display of leather goods because it had holes to put your hands in and feel the items. Shona discovered she could actually get the shoes out of the display through the holes. When asked what his item felt like – Alex said ‘It feels like a handbag’  -classic it was of course a handbag!


However the best was yet to come – the children announced they were hungry and so we went into the garden area  and found the perfect picnic spot – a bench for Carol and I, lots of grass for the picnic rug and playing – and a tree that was just right for climbing. It did start to rain but that did not matter  – my mindees were soon in their rain suits and play continued – as you can see from picture of 3 of mindees who had climbed to sit on the tree.


After a lovely relaxed picnic and play we continued through the museum garden are and found some lovely wild flowers and some more things to climb on – a tall one ideal for Carol’s older mindees and a low one perfect for my little ones.


Then it was back along the river bank to the car park – only down side it rained heavily and as my little ones were by then very tired – they only had two speeds – slow and very slow! However we made it back to the car with the promised ‘reward’ of a shortbread biscuit. Archie was so tired he fell asleep as soon as strapped in his car seat and after only one bite of his biscuit.

A lovely day out – and free apart from petrol to get there. We must go again – soon.

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