Friday 3rd August – a day of self reflection   Leave a comment

Well, Friday was ‘one of those days’!

And my self reflection has come to the conclusion that not only were some of the children displaying challenging behaviour – but that I also was not displaying my usual behaviour!!!

My usual calm and patience of a saint – had disappeared. The behaviour of the children was ‘getting to me’ ‘winding me up’  – and the consequence of this? The children were confused why was Penny ‘getting cross’ about things? – and of course it will be no surprise that the children’s behaviour did not improve as the day progressed.

Of course it was not all ‘bad’ – we had many ‘good’ moments and some of them did some lovely independent sticking  – 3 of them selected and stuck on windows and doors onto the house they painted last week and two of them selected pre cut shapes and pictures to stick onto a blank piece of paper – I was very pleased and impressed.

I have no intention of discussing the children’s behaviour here – that is between me, the child and their parents.

But I will publicly reflect on my behaviour and consider what I can do to ensure it does not happen again – or at least that I manage it better if I can’t stop it reoccurring.

So what do I think was the route cause?

Tiredness! Plain and simple – too tired!

My mindee who has been in Romainia for 2.5 months returned at the end of last week – as regular readers of my blog will know. However there is another side to her return – long shifts!

I had simply got out of the routine of finishing work at around 10pm, getting to bed after 12 midnight and then getting up again around 4am (sometimes a bit later)

Add to that the ‘time of the month’ (sorry male readers but it has a huge impact on me) and the getting up to use the bathroom every hour or so

And an lovely but exhausting day in Bewdley the day before – and you get to picture. One shattered Penny – no wonder I was a bit ‘touchy’

So what can I do about it ?- the long shifts will continue, the time of month looks set to continue for a while longer


In September I shall be providing overnight care – and so need to speak to Chinzia’s mum about the possibility of Chinzia staying overnight sometimes – especially when a early shifts follows a late shift – I think it will be better for me and Chinzia, and I could if I wanted to go to bed at the same time as Chinzia – around 8pm.

I need to see my doctor – I am overdue my B12 injection (I can’t absorb iron – so need the injections) and the fact that it is well over due won’t be helping. I also need to go for my diabetic check – it is possible that my insulin / tablets need adjusting

And finally  – as my friends / husband / children are always telling me – I need to stop doing so much – this last bit of reflection will be the hardest to implement – and I may well find it near impossible to stop doing so much because there is so much that needs doing!

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