Monday 6th August – Back on track!   Leave a comment

After the difficulties on Friday with MY behaviour (as a result of being over tired)

And then a weekend of feeling very cross about the governments latest news about deregulation re the letter from Gove to Wilshaw.

I woke on Monday feeling a little depressed about my own future as a registered childminder and about the future of the children in my care.

However ‘Positive Penny’ (family nickname) soon overcame all those feeling and n’normal service’ resumed!

As mentioned before I do not believe in forward planning and tend to go with the children’s interests – but because they had stop showing a great deal of interest in our previous over riding topic of ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears – I had decided that this week we would change our focus book to The 3 Little Pigs – and see if any interest was shown this week.

So over the weekend (despite the tiredness etc) was spent getting out things that ‘might be useful’  in connection to The 3 Little pigs – and because I had observed an interest in ‘building hoovers) last week – sorting out the shed and uncovering the two play hoovers.

And when at the car boot – among other things – I had brought some child size cloth bags – because they have a long term interest in filling containers and transporting things – but which is started to develop into ‘shopping’ role play.

Luckily I know my mindees very well – and my preparations were well received by all 4 mindees today.

The hoovers and the shopping bags were well used through out the day. But the children also really enjoyed the story and when we took Erin home in the car, they helped me to retell the story from memory

During the day they  also did some threading, built towers, coloured in some pictures of a house, (Shona got cross with the white crayon – because ‘it not working’), built with the mini interstar- and later in the day played with the ‘wow’ vehicles – which are rather noisy but great fun.



And we did get outside – only briefly to take Erin home but we did experience a couple of  heavy showers. Shona wanted Penny to turn the rain off – and when Penny said she could not – Shona claimed that Mummy could (such faith in one’s parent – lovely)

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