Wednesday 8th August – A bit of a ‘chill’ day   Leave a comment

After a very busy day on Tuesday – and a rather late night for me due to a very enjoyable evening spend with childminding friend Sue – I decided that we would have a mainly free play day.

To aid this I did some quick’ in my head planning’ – all mindees  like the duplo, Alex really into trains – and of course a nice link to our 3 little pigs topic – bricks and building

As it happens I have rather a lot of duplo – two HUGE boxes and a basket with he train set in it. So further ‘planning’ – rearrange the furniture in the lounge – well the coffee table. Since the arrival of new sofa’s in the lounge and rearranging of the childminding space – I have only been using the lounge occasionally  for childminding – but today was a day when we just had to use the lounge. As far as I am concerned – what is the point in having loads of duplo if you can’t tip it out all over the floor!!

As I had five mindees today – my friend  Carol came over to keep ratio’s legal- it is strange to think that in less than a month I will be able to care for these five mindees on my own – and completely legally.

The duplo was a hit – all five children took part – although some engaged more than others. My ‘in my head’ observations’ were being added to at an alarming rate – in fact a good thing I was not trying to write them down – as I can’t write quick enough to observe and record 5 children at once  ( I wonder in the DfE  have thought of this aspect?)

So Shona was busy adding bricks to a base plate – appeared to be random – but then she said ‘I made house’ and careful inspection showed she had built 4 walls with a space in the middle – and it was the space she was pointing and saying house. A bit later Shona built some steps out of the small square bricks – I knew they were steps because she told me they were!

Menwhile Alex, Mia and Chinzia were putting the train track together – not one big  track but three separate tracks. They were also ‘collecting’ parts to make trains. Erin decided it would be much easier to let the others collect train and track piece and then just take the pieces when the others were not looking!

Of course it did not take look for the others to notice this theft of their pieces – and they protested in the way that 2 year olds do best – loudly and with force!

Some close observation of Erin showed that she was not at all interested in making  things with the duplo – not even towers. Previous observations have shown that Erin is very skilled at building towers with wooden blocks and with cotton reels – so the question in my head now is ‘ Was Erin just not in the ‘mood’ to build with the duplo – or does she need some support with these skills. Knowing what a ‘bright button’ Erin is – my gut feeling is that she was just not bothered today. However I shall monitor this and have made a mental note to do so.

And if interested in if I have any concerns about Erin and if I have made a formal note about it or filled in any form or ticklist – the answer is NO  to  all.

In fact nearly all information about the children – all of them –  is in my head – evidenced by photo’s and discussed on a daily basis with parents.

The only ‘formal’ documentation that I will need to do is the two year check – which I shall do in the next week or two – ready for the implementation of EYFS 2012 – and it will be brief, to the point – and say what it needs to say in as few words as possible. – and will not be referenced to development matters or Early Learning Goals – it will just be recorded under the Three Prime Areas

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