Tuesday 7th August – A very busy day – and just where did the eggs go?   Leave a comment

Following on from Monday – when I was back on track, today proved to be a busy day and on the whole a very good day(although some challenging  behaviour issues with one child).

In my head planning? Oh yes there was some – I thought I would put out the 3 little pigs sorting house set (3 different coloured houses, 3 matching keys, 3 little pigs – and of course the big bad wolf). And in the back of my head was an idea that if weather OK I would get out the new dolls pram and all the other doll things in the outside area.

The 3 pigs houses were very popular with all the children – with colour sorting, retelling of the story and making new stories all going on – and a fair bit of taking the doors off the houses!

But after about 40mins of play Mia decided that she wanted to play with some balloons – and of course they all wanted to then. So Penny was tasked with blowing up balloons – thank goodness for the balloon pump!

The children then played with the balloons for almost an hour – they coped with distress and loss when two balloons popped during play – but also solved the issue by asking Penny to blow up some more (in the head observation  – children understand dangers of burst balloons and put balloon pieces in bin).

Next we made cakes – this was my idea – not part of any planning – I just fancied some cakes. All mindees were very keen to take part – and this activity occurs often enough for them to be ‘experts’ – they know what ingredients are needed and also that you have to mix all the ingredients together. However one aspect completely baffles them all – where do the eggs go?

They count the eggs into the bowl  – all agreed two eggs in the bowl – help mix it all together and then are really puzzled about where the eggs have gone, Two more eggs are added – and to the children’s surprise disappear again!!

I love this innocence about them – and the fact that I have explained at least a hundred times and still they can’t quite grasp that the eggs are still there but all mixed in with the butter and the marg.

Then while the cakes are cooking (and they understand about the hot oven – telling Penny to be careful because oven hot) they do a sticking picture – now this is a prepared activity – just waiting for the right opportunity to use it.  First I read the 3 little pigs story and encourage them to recall and add to the story (I did have to remind myself that Chinzia and Mia were hearing the story for the first time.

Between us we have developed a very personal retelling of the story.  We follow the tradition story line apart from the fact that the Big Bad Wolf does not eat the little pigs and they are all safe in the brick house – and then when the wolf comes down the chimney – he falls into the hot water and goes ‘ow, ow, ow’ very loudly and runs away.

anyway back to the sticking activity – the children are given a picture of a straw house and a wolf – and choose a little pig from the selection (too much adult input in my opinion) and then stick the pieces where they want – this is where it gets interesting!

The children understand that the wolf blows down the straw house and want the house to be ‘broken’  – much discussion between them (no adult input) and without any verbal agreement two of them stick the wolf on top of the house (he has squished it) and two of them stick the wolf to the side of the house (he is huffing). Considering their ages I personally think they are ‘exceeding’ their age development appropriate levels


After lunch and nap time we did get to go outside and to play with the ‘new to us’ pram, cot, highchair and the ‘old’ one. I have found that having 4 such young mindees that they find it very hard to wait for 3 others to have a turn – and so buying the second pram was on purpose (my goodness some forward planning!) – and judging by today – the mindees managed waiting for one other person to have a turn – and we had less disagreements and less of that loud protesting.

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