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At Penny’s Place we do not mind getting wet and love jumping in puddles – however this summer both Penny and children have been fed up with the wet weather and so have chosen to stay inside a lot more than we would normally.

Anyway today was a beautiful day – maybe a tad hot in the mid day sun but that didn’t bother us because by mid day a good part of the outdoor area is in shade and in any case it is nap time.

The children were delighted to see that Penny had set up the outside area before they arrived and as soon as breakfast was finished the all put on their shoes and went outside for the serious business of playing.

Today there was a variety of recycled and natural materials (we get a lot of resources from the Worcester Resource Exchange – which is our nearest scrap store). The children have been using the wooden circle off cuts a lot (actually from quality speakers where they cut the ‘sound holes!) to make snakes and to make tracks for walking on, so to extend play and observe what the children do – today I did not put out the wooden circles but put out the foam circles instead.

In my ethos I say that children always surprise  me with the things that they do – and today was one of those days.

Completely from their own thinking – without even (at that stage) a recall of our visit to Safari Park, Alex and Chinzia  took the black foam circles and made ‘a camel’ and ‘a giraffe’. The giraffe was a pile of circles and the camel 3 circles placed in a line. Clever children.

Other camels and giraffes were then made – Shona wanted to make a snake but there were not enough foam circles – so out of the shed came the wooden cicles

But another surprise – half way through placing the circles to make her circle, Shona changed her mind! She piled them all together and sat on top of them. I was wondering if Shona was being the Daddy lion that we had seen on top of the structure at the safari park – but did not voice my question as I would have put my adult view onto Shona – who may or may not have been thinking that. As it was Shona said nothing – just enjoyed sitting on top of the pile and shouting at any other child who tried to join her on the pile of circles.

There was lots of discussion about the ‘naughty camel’ especially from Chinzia but at least today she has changed from saying that the camel ‘bite Chinzia’ to ‘The camel want to say Hello to children’


A bit later on I spotted a lovely collection and arrangement of pebbles- I did not see who did it – but a good example of how left to use their imagination the children will be very creative.


Meanwhile Alex had gone inside and was engaged in his favourite play – lining up the magnetic cars – however he was doing this in the doorway making it difficult for the other children to move between in inside and the outside space – so Penny suggested he lined up his cars outside, Alex collected all his cars in a basket and did as Penny had suggested- however when he had finished there was a problem! He could not move the cars on the artificial grass – silly Penny- you had not thought of that! So Alex solved the problem – collected his cars up again and took them back inside!

Archie – who also likes cars (but not as much as tractors and copters) had collected the smaller wooden cars into a container (recycled ice cream container) and was struggling to get the lid on. Penny offered to help and removed one of the cars – then the lid fitted. However Archie was not happy with this solution and took the lid off and put the car back in the container.

Alex and Archie had a lovely long chat on the ‘tube telephone’  – what was funny (from an adult point of view) was they were sat side by side on the bench while talking on the phone. Bless

At the children’s suggestion we had a picnic lunch on the artificial grass (which by the way came from the scrap store as well). Of course as the children know it is nap time after lunch – but what was Penny doing?

Penny was putting all the prams / pushchairs up outside – because unknown to the children – Penny’s replacement sofas were being delivered (new ones recently delivered did not match). So all the children had their nap outside – it was so successful – I will be doing it more often (and am on the look out for more suitable prams)

After nap time the children all had ice lollies (sat on the ‘grass’ of course) mainly to help cool Archie, who was very hot and had a ‘odd’ rash on his face, arms and legs. Daddy was on his way to fetch Archie but in the meantime had to what we could to cool Archie.  Archie’s lolly was dripping everywhere and because Archie wanted to clean up the ‘mess’ that had dripped everywhere – things got a lot worse as Archie held the lolly upside down and waved it about!

Our outdoors day ended indoors as the children were getting tired and so a DVD was put on for the remaining three children Alex, Shona and Chinzia (Erin had been dropped home by Carol and Archie collected by Daddy. A rather unusual  silence followed. Time for that coffee – the one been waiting hours for!

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