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Before I start writing about this morning – it occurred to me that some readers of my blog might be wondering how I find time to write during the childminding day. Well most of it is done at nap time – although I might not ‘publish it at nap time because I may not have quite finished before the children wake up.

Take today for instance 4 mindees -right  now all mindees are outside in their prams and buggies – having their midday nap / rest. From where I am sitting I can see and hear them – and I tell you one is asleep , one is singing and two are lying quietly and may drop off to sleep in a minute.

However due to the convenience of a laptop I can sometime ‘do emails’ update children’s records or write for my blog while the children engage in free play – I am of course in the same room with them and able to respond to any thing and to support play through answering questions and making suggestions. Also as they are mainly 2year olds I am able to help them resolve any conflicts.

Having explained that – back to the heading,

No – that is not a comment from me or even from the children’s parents – it is from the customers and staff of my local supermarket.

After snack time we went off food shopping – I do the mindees food shopping separate from my family food shopping – so everything we buy is for them and their friends who come on different days.

I know some of my childminding friends think I am completely mad going shopping with 4 mindees – especially when as today they are all 2 years of age. However I really don’t find it a problem – they are a delight to take out and we all enjoy the trip to the supermarket.

Of course I could now write about all the educational benefits of going shopping – but I won’t – I will just say a trip to the supermarket covers the 6 areas of learning in the current EYFS – and will cover the 7 areas of learning when the EYFS 12 comes into force in September – so I do not have any professional doubts about the benefits to the children.

We have our routines for going shopping and it may be that because these are consistently applied – that the children know what is expected of them and so behaved so well.

They walk in pairs to get the trolley – then all 4 hold on to the trolley – 2 by the handle (one each side) and two at the front (again one each side). It is true that the walk round the supermarket is slow and I do have to give instructions such as stop, backwards, turn left, turn right and frequently have to say ‘I don’t think you need to touch that’.

I discourage them from taking things from the shelf themselves because due to their age we would 4 of everything in the trolley and lots of things   dropped or knocked of the shelves (there will be plenty of opportunity for selecting things themselves when they are 3 and 4). However we know what we need to buy and so stand together, discuss which one, which size and so on – and then Penny takes the item from the shelf and the children take turns to put into the trolley.

When people talk to them they respond with hello man or hello lady – and usually a bye man or bye lady. They know not to let go off the trolley until all the shopping is on the conveyor belt,  then they can let go and stand near the till. Often the checkout person talks to them – and tells them how good they are – occasionally – as today – the checkout person has a chat with them. She ask each of them their name – Erin gave her full name, Archie hid his head in Penny’s trousers – but the others answered for him Shona said very loud ‘I am Shona’ and Alex ‘I am Alex’. The children then discussed with the checkout lady:- Erin’s nails that mummy had painted, that not taking Erin home yet, that going to have nap in buggy, that carrots are for the piggies (guinea pigs), that the cream cakes were for Penny – ‘Penny likes cakes’ they tell the lady!

As the customers and staff say – what lovely, well behaved children – now how do I stop them divulging  ‘secrets’  about my cake consumption?

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