Monday 13th August (PM) – Circles not lines!   Leave a comment

Alex who is 2 1/2  has a long term interest  in cars and trains and for months now he has been lining up the cars or trains..Starting with just 2 or 3 cars and moving onto very long lines.

More recently Alex has been sorting  his cars by colour or by type – sometimes by both (as mentioned on previous daily blogs).

Over the weekend I had been to the car boot and brought yet more of the magnetic cars that Alex prefers – plus one train engine from the same range (so magnetic) because I know that Alex likes trains as much if not more than cars.

One of the things I really like about being a childminder is the ability to support individual interests by sourcing additional resources as and when needed. I do not have to ‘put in a request’ and wait not only for management approval but also for budget to be available – I can just decide and do it.

This morning Alex spotting the train engine within 40 mins of arriving (and was only  that long because of breakfast time!). For the rest of day the engine was at the front of the line – and Alex decided that the cars could be the carriages – extremely long lines of cars being pulled by the train were created.

A slight problem occurred because Archie also likes cars and trains – and of course being 2 (three months younger than Alex) he wanted the train and he wanted it as much as Alex – result? some of that very loud protesting that 2 year olds are so good at.

Therefore Penny and the children hsad a look on the internet for some more trains. Success as still sold in Early Learning Center,  so 4 sets comprising of train and 2 carriages ordered. Penny pleased that a offer on the trains so cost £30 instead of £40. Luckily the children are very used to having to wait for the postman to deliver things to Penny’s Place. (Says a lot about Penny’s spending habits – especially on toys!)

Luckily lunch time and nap time provided a natural break and when they woke up Archie decided to play with other things and so Alex could have avery long turn with the train.

Then towards the end of the day – this happened!

Not a line! A circle!

When Alex’s Mummy arrived to collect Alex and his twin Shona – I showed Mummy the photo (part of normal handover to show parents the photo’s from  that day) – and asked Mummy if Alex had made circles of cars or trains at home before. She said no he hadn’t and maybe because he does not really have enough at home to join them in a circle.

I love it when children make these type of discoveries and ‘take next steps’ all on their own with no planning or adult input.

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