Tuesday 14th August – Chalking, circles, counting!   Leave a comment

Today my in my head planning  was mainly around the outside environment. The good thing about ‘in your head planning’ is you can easily look out of the window and see what the weather is doing – a real bonus this summer!

I considered the things that my mindees enjoy – and got out of the shed – the dolls prams / cots and high chair, from in the garage; the box of dolls and the new dolly care things that I had brought at the car boot on Sunday. Then also from the shed – the box of wooden circles and the box of foam circles, the basket of cones, the tub of chalk, the saucepans and basket of wooden spoons and chop sticks  – plus of course the off cut of artificial grass.

All ready to play – I am always curious as to what the children will do with the resources each day.

The answer today was – just about everything! Doll play was popular with them all – and I noted less arguing than last week when  the second pram was first introduced.

Alex arranged all the wooden circles as can be seen in the picture question in my head after the previous days arranging the cars in a circle – is of course ‘ is this a further exploration of circles – or just a coincidence?’ I will of course be observing to see what happens over the next few days and weeks.


The most noticeable play was the mark making with the chalk on the patio – Shona started it by drawing what she described as ‘aeroplane’  then all the others joined in and soon the patio was a wonderful display of colour with lots of different marks. My in the head observation noted that apart from Shona’s aeroplane none of the other creative efforts were given a description as an object. Alex said I did drawing, didn’t I’ Erin said ‘me too – I did drawing’,  Mia said ‘I writing’ Chinzia was also ‘writing’. I find it interesting that they are now beginning to say ‘writing’ when doing neat lines (any direction) of squiggles and what I call straight down marks, and ‘drawing’ for other marks that are not in a straight line.

Then came the unexpected! Why I have put an exclamation mark – I don’t really know because nearly every day there is something unexpected – as the children continue to surprise and amaze me.

They all climbed on to the low wooden platform (holds guinea pig cage in the winter – but at moment cage on lawn), they stood on the edge – and counted out loud -very loud and not synchronised at all! I could hear numbers in order, numbers out of order and some ‘big’ numbers like twenty and hundred – but due to there 4 of them shouting at once – I have no idea who had developed their counting skills and who had not!

As it was such a lovely day – the children all slept outside again – I say sleep but in the case of Alex and Shona it was rest not sleep

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