Friday 17th August – Nothing much to report!   Leave a comment

Early morning change of plan – again!

We were supposed to be going to a local park to meet Carol – but overhead there were a lot of grey / black  clouds and it was blustery.So text Carol to say we would be staying in today and not going to the park.

(According to Carol – who did still go to the park with the school age children – I made the right decision because it was muddy and slippery and she had to constantly remind the children about the risks and to be careful – therefore it would have been difficult to manage the safety of the  two years in my care).

I did not have any ‘in my head planning for activities’ due to the observation (noted on Wednesday) that the children were not interested in anything to do with stick houses

So some on the spot planning – what would the mindees like to play with?

Well the new magnetic trains of course – and due to Alex’s interest in long lines better put out the magnetic cars as well.

And the Little Tikes dolls house brought at the car boot – although not seen any extended play they have ‘dipped in and out’ of playing with it

And of course the continuous provision is available in the conservatory which is the dedicated play room.

Did I get it right?

Yes – on the whole I did – from the continuous provision(CP) they read books, built with the wooden blocks (Alex made what he called a ‘building’  – and Chinzia described her model as a bus.

Also from the CP, they did some threading, ‘mended’ a few things with their pretend tools, did a huge amount of shopping – filling cloth bags and carrying them around (interestingly – although the sturdy ‘first’ play till had been added to the CP a couple of weeks ago – no one felt the need to use the till as part of the going shopping activity.

The triangle mirror house also got a lot of use – this was one of my bargains from I returned to childminding. I knew I wanted a large mirror to support babies self discovery, exploration of reflections and mirror images  and of course to aid admiring oneself when dressing up – but I thought I would struggle to find one that I could afford – when up popped the one I now own on ebay! It is a three sided mirror that can be used in a variety of ways – and at the moment it is a ‘triangle house’ that you can sit in on the bottom mirror with the other two mirrors in a v shape above and in front of you.


There was lots of train / car play – and a lot of ‘playing’ with the dolls house – although their discovery that they could remove the swing was something I would have rather they had not discovered – as they could not put it back in and so there were repeated requests for ‘Penny do it’

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