Thursday 16th August – New trains arrive!   Leave a comment

If you have been paying attention (and reading every daily blog), you will know that on Sunday I brought one magnetic train from the car boot , and that on Monday the children and I ordered some new trains to increase the number that we have.

Of course since Monday we have all been waiting for the ‘postman’ to bring them.

TODAY was the day they arrived – and by 8:30am!

There was great excitement from children and they could not wait to get the box open.

First thing out of the box was those plastic bags full of air that are used as packaging – and Chinzia wanted to dance with it – which she did

Alex was more interested in getting the trains out of the box – and Penny was really please to see a complete lack of those frustrating wire tie things, and Shona was jumping up and down (not sure if dancing with Chinzia or excited – so best not to assume. (Archie still to arrive)

Trains out of boxes and play could commence – well no it couldn’t! We had unpacked 4 engines and 8 carriages but Alex had made an assumption that whilst Chinzia and Shona could have an engine each – he would have all 8 carriages (if you remember Alex has an  interest in lines and in particular long lines of cars and trains). Resulting in cries from the girls ‘What Alex do? (which if you know the children well – means Alex has just done something I don’t like)

Luckily Archie and his Daddy arriving provide a distraction – and then an opportunity to share out the engines and the carriages a little more fairly.

After Archie had had a play with the trains (and his breakfast) it was time to gather all the many things needed to a visit to Prestwood Aquatics – which actually has small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, a huge range of reptiles and of course fish.

I made a decision not to tke the potties to cut down on things needed to take as I knew toilets were available both at Prestwood and t the garden center that we would be visiting afterwards. This was a decision that I would come to regret!

We met Carol at Pestwood – Carol was not  helping me today and had her own adult daughter with her,  and mindees (3 school age children and two babies) – so together we were quite a large group!

As usual all of the mindees – mine and Carol’s were very well behaved and because all the children are familiar with each other and with the adults we were able to be flexible as to who was looking at what at an yone time and so did not have to go round as one huge group. (By the way no planning as in  -well you two walk together – apart from the fact that Carol’s babies were in the buggy being pushed by her – we just manage the children by keeping each other informed which of the children were with us. Works well for us)

I did purchase some food for Hamish and Dougal – the guinea pigs at Penny’s Place – but apart from that neither Carol or I needed to spend anything else. It is lovely that our mindees do not ‘kick up a fuss’ and ask for sweets, ice creams or other treats – even the two year olds in my care know that buying treats is not part of our routines.

On to the garden center next – I have not been to this garden center since my own children were little and so it was a bit of a relief when I saw the signpost to it – especially as Carol was following in her car.

We found the play area and the children got on with climbing, running and all things possible. The equipment was actually too big for my little ones and there was a sign saying so. However a quick in the head risk assessment and I knew they would be safe  because they would not be able to get on to the equipment and there was lots they could do under the equipment due to its design. It was also very quiet in the play area and easy for Carol, myself and Carol’s daughter to supervise the children.


We all had snack time – children’s brought with us  – and a hot drink for Carol and I from the Tea Room.

Oh – and before I forget – the decision that I would come to regret – the one about not taking the potties?

I had forgot that one child likes routines and needs time to get used to new places – and so did not want to use the toilet available and so when desperate to go – had to be held onto the toilet whilst crying ‘no like it’ – so that was the regret for although the child did use the toilet – and was very pleased afterwards with doing so – the discomfort from holding on too long and the upset at being held on the toilet were things that I would have preferred to avoid.

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