Wednesday 15th August – A man in the setting!   Leave a comment

As regular readers will know my friend Carol has been helping out two days a week to maintain ratio’s – just until EYFS 2012 comes into force in September – when I will be able to childmind the five mindees on own legally under a continuity of care exception.

However today Carol did not have any mindees of her own and as she has given up several days off already to help me out – I decided she really should have a ‘proper’ day off.

And so my husband Garry offered to have a day off from his job to help me. Not only is Garry one of my registered assistants – he also used to be a registered childminder in his own right and we used to worked together in the last few years of my previous registration.

However this group of mindees are used to seeing Garry for a few minutes in the morning before he goes to work and for a short time after he finishes work – so as far as they are concerned our home is Penny’s Place (name of my setting) and Garry’s Place is at work!

So that is one change I have noticed all ready – this house is now Garry’s Place as well!

Having a male in the setting does change things and you get a male perspective on things (which is sometimes at odds with my perspective!)

Anyway I decided (planned) that the children should be offered the opportunity to do a sticking activity based on our topic of the 3 little pigs – and to do with the stick house which we are sort of focusing on this week. I say sort of because so far (and it is Wednesday) the children have shown NO interest at all in stick houses. They all seem to have decided that bricks houses are not only the strongest (big bad wolf can not blow down) but also that they all need to point out every single brink house that we encounter (yes every single one) tso Penny’s Place, Penny’s neighbours, the ones we pass when walking and when in the car, Erin’s flat when we take her home, the wall by Dominic’s house and so on.

So having noted this interest (could hardly fail to notice!) I cut bits of yellow textured paper to represent straw, bits of  dark brown / black card to represent sticks – and Garry cut some red sticker into brick shapes.

Five mindees -first three despite the choice of 3 materials all choose to do brick houses – and the last two?   Stick houses? NO  -straw ones. So it appears still no interest in stick houses. My in my head planning says – ‘ok- best  switch focus from stick houses!’

And in my opinion that is just how it should be – the focus of everything should be based on the children’s interests, routines likes and dislikes – not on adult ideas of what fits into the theme or the need to achieve some outcome or evidence some specific development.



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