Sometimes I even surprise myself with my resourcefulness!   2 comments

Even if I say so myself – I do have an eye for a bargain, and for being creative about what I can use things for. It is why I love the scrapstores, the charity shops and the car boots.

So today being Sunday, there I was bright and early at the car boot, armed with reusable bags and plenty of cash (because you never now what you might find!)

Halfway down the first row I come across a roll of bamboo border (you know the stuff you edge flower beds and the like with) Price? just £4 – bargain I thought – even though at this moment in time I do not have any flowerbeds that need edging – in fact since the arrival earlier in the year of Max the Labrador  I don’t even have any flowers or much of a garden- but that is another story.

So I buy the bamboo roll – take it back to the car and then continue on my mission to find ‘useful things’ – and today I found 3 ready beds which is fantastic as I plan to move the mindees on from sleeping in prams and pushchairs to these ready beds  – and have you seen the price of them? £25 – £30 each! Anyway two of the beds needed new inflatable mattress – but soon sorted via Netmums info and an order to Amazon for 3 Dino air beds  – so total outlay £20.98 for 3 ready beds. Mind you still need to find 3 more so each mindee has their own, Other bargains included 2 puzzles (those nice ones in a tin from ELC) £1 each.

Total spent at car boot on things for childminding £12 (plus of course the extra £14.98 for mattresses.

Anyway back to the bamboo roll – once home I take the roll to pieces – easy enough and this is what I ended up with

One basket full of bamboo sticks (oh and the basket was about £3 in the TTS sale

4 sets of beaters to go with our saucepan drums (these were sticks that had split slightly)

6 batons for races or sticking in the ground to mark where our story square should be (these were the sticks that had split along the whole length

As I say – sometimes I even surprise myself – total cost for these 3 new resources £8

£4 for Bamboo roll

£1 for coloured tape

£3 for basket

Posted August 19, 2012 by psw260259 in Random Things!

2 responses to “Sometimes I even surprise myself with my resourcefulness!

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  1. I have a length of the bamboo border roll hanging on our fence and the children use wooden spoons to play “tunes” on it

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