Monday 20th August – A unusual day   Leave a comment

First apologies for the late writing of this blog – reasons for which will become clear as you read!

I knew the day would be unusual for at least two reasons; first , the twins Alex and Shona would not be attending as visiting their grandparents, second reason because two of my grandchildren were coming to stay.

So the first part of the day was very quiet compared to normal Monday mornings. Collected Erin from her house as usual just before 7am and then just me and Erin until just before 9am when Archie arrived. Erin kept asking about her friends ‘coming soon’ – but enjoyed playing with the dolls house and filling bags with ‘shopping’.

Archie and Erin played really nicely together – Archie joining in with the shopping game. They also looked at books and did some pretend cooking.

After snack time we went to fetch my grandchildren -Scarlett 8m and Dominic 8 years – the idea being to give their mum a bit of a rest.

From that point on it was non stop – and although still 4 children in my care (as is normal for me) the amount of work and supervision needed increased dramatically. Scarlett is almost crawling but can get where ever she wants on her tummy – so of course ensuring she is safe, is a case of constant supervision. Dominic at 8 years actually needs more supervision than his sister because he is on the Autistic spectrum (has full statement) and gets stressed when in new situations and when too many people about. He is used to coming to Granny’s when Granny is childminding – but usually only for short periods of times towards the end of the day when the children start to go home.

But these things were not the only unusual events today.

Out of the blue – well via Twitter – I had a most unexpected offer- would I like to write an ‘opinion article’ for a national magazine? You bet I would!

So, I said Yes and a topic to express an opinion on was agreed. So far so good BUT the deadline was Wednesday am and the word count 750 words – not too worried about word count – most likely could write a lot more (once I got going) – but the deadline?  with childminding and Granny duties from dawn to dusk?

So plan was mindees all gone by 6:3pm. Some time with Dom and Scarlett – Dom to bed for 8pm and Scarlett around 9pm. MMMM best laid plans!

Dom in bed for 8:30pm but not asleep and constantly up and down stairs with ‘reasons’ why could not stay in bed.

Scarlett had supper, in PJ’s – not a sign of being sleepy – in fact was closer to midnight when she finally was asleep – and by then – too be honest my brain was not in the mood for writing my opinion!

So off to bed for me as well – with just the title of my article on my paper!

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