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Regular readers of my blog will know that today is the first day of my mini break – and that today is the day that I aim to complete my childminding annual accounts.

But I also have other things on my to do list – such as, Clean out the setting guinea pigs, do the ironing, go to local scrap store, look after Scarlett and Dominic for a couple of hours – and start preparing for weekend in Chester as will be out most of Friday.

So make a good start on accounts, then take a break to clean out the piggies and put the washing on the line – then a childminding friend phones and we chat for quite a while about all things childminding – including the new exceptions and Bright Stars Childminding Group (we are both on the steering committee)

And before I can resume the accounts the doorbell goes and it is Dominic and Scarleet (mummy has a scan as pregnant again) I am sure you can read the disappointment in my writing at not being able to carry on with the accounts!!

A good few hours with the grandchildren – especially Dominic as he copes far better in small groups than larger groups – in fact my observations have shown that Dominic manages with up 5 other people (adults or children) any more and he finds it really difficult. Anyway as I say – today is a good day and he plays imaginatively with the Happyland sets.

Once Dominic and Scarlett have gone home – and after looking at the scan picture of what will be my 8th grandchild (surely not – many of my friends my age don’t have any grandchildren yet – so how come I have 7 soon to be 8?) I glance at the clock and realise that it is already nearly 3pm and I had better get a move on if I am going to visit the scrap store. So off I set to Worcester.

Worcester Resource Exchange (  is – in my opinion – a fantastic place full of all sorts of recycled ‘goodies’ and a few new craft items. You never know what you are going to find and that is part of the appeal of the place. Usually I go with the mindees – as well behaved children are allowed – and my mindees are very well behaved. However today I was looking forward to a really good relaxed browse  – I was not disappointed!

I brought from what is known as ‘Quality Street’  (the better as new / new stuff)

  • 3 rolls of coloured paper
  • 3 sheets of Black card
  • 4 sheets of gold card
  • 3 sheets of silver card
  • 5 mini books of stickers

In my trolley I had

off cuts of artificial grass  (will write about what I do with this another day)

Some thick orange string                                                                                                             A huge pile of new postcards                                                                                                 Some coloured plastic tubes                                                                                                                                           Some wooden circles                                                                                                                   Some plastic tubes in different lengths that screw together                                      Some stickers                                                                                                                          Various different paper off cuts                                                                                                     Off cuts of thick card – silver one side / gold the other                                                       Really thin strips of same card                                                                                            Bottle tops in various colours

And the whole lot £17.50 and they apologised that cost so much


Then it was off to the supermarket to get ‘something’ for tea – this should have been a quick shop – BUT – I ‘bumped’ into an ex Ofsted /Social Services inspector and we had a lovely long catch up – so actually in supermarket for over an hour.

After tea – time for some social networking.

Then just before bedtime I felt a little bit guilty – and finished my accounts. Just need to fill in tax return and send off now.

So not exactly a proper day off – but very enjoyable.

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