Tuesday 21st August – Time to write that article?   1 comment

If you have read yesterday’s blog (Mon 20th) you will know that I was quite excited about writing an article for a national magazine – and you will also know that due to my granddaughter Scarlett not wanted to go to bed early, that all my plans to get started on the article resulted in just the title ending up on the page.

Anyway Scarlett decided that 4:40am would be a good time to get up! So I thought great give her a morning bottle and due to having had  very little sleep she may drop off again and I will be able to make a start on my words of wisdom. I was right – she did take a nap – for all of 20mins – still a few more words were on the page – not sure at that stage if words of wisdom or waffle! but still a start.

Normal morning routines then kicked in and with first mindee due at 6:30am, I had to get a move on.

Chinzia and Mia today (and of course Dominic and Scarlett). Chinzia and Mia decided they are ‘best friends’ and engaged in lots of ‘girly’ type of things – lots of ‘shopping’ (which means filling bags with anything and everything), ‘ballet’ (which means spinning round and round or holding hands and dancing together), ‘gymnastics’ (which means head on floor, bum in air and kick out legs), lots of self flattery ‘I got pretty ….’ and every so often taking books off the bookcase and ‘reading’ to each other – all lovely, and all needing very little support from me or supervision (other than being in same room).

Scarlett was very happy ‘scrawling’ on the floor, picking up things and testing them for chewability. Of course constant supervision – especially with the ‘ballet dancers’ and ‘gymnasts’ in the room!

Dominic kept changing his mind about what he wanted to do! He claimed he was either bored or hungry every other minute – and just did not engage in anything much. Until he asked to play with playdough – which he usually loves and spends up to an hour playing nicely. Play was lovely to start with – for 10mins as Dom covered his bionical construction in playdough  – nothing unusual in that it is one of his long term ‘interests’ hiding things in playdough – and then he wanted to wash it off – again nothing unusual another interest is water. So I helped him to fill the washing up bowl with water and bubbles and   he set to task to wash the playdough off. Lovely, fully engaged child. Then in the time it took me to attend to another child’s toileting needs (and could hear but  not see Dominic) he managed to – almost silently to  over fill the bowl of water, to empty out all my picnic containers / bottles from the cupboard, and use them to fill with water and to ‘wash’ various things that did not need washing. Total time out of my sight 4 mins MAX. Time for me support him to clear up? 20 mins! Still being positive that was a total time of  about 40 mins when I id not hear ‘I am bored Granny or I am hungry’

Lunch time, and then as usual the mindees went for their nap, Scarlett had her lunch and then another scrawl on the floor. Dominic wanted to go into the garden and re dig the area that we had harvested potatoes from on Monday.

Brilliant from the sofa where my laptop is I could SEE and HEAR all the children – and actually got a few more words written for the article and ate some lunch.

Scarlett went down for a nap, and so just before time to wake mindees I thought – ideal time to go upstairs and get Scarlett and Dominic’s overnight things together ready to go home. I did not tell Dominic that I was going upstairs because to Dominic that is an invitation to ‘do something’, as in something an adult would not consider appropriate. Anyway he appeared engrossed in his exploration of the digging area – I could see he had a stick and was poking holes in the ground with it.

I was upstairs for about 5 mins and still could hear if any of sleeping children woke.

Now what can an 8 year old autistic spectrum boy do in 5 mins?

Well – and maybe I should not of been surprised – but I was!

Tell tell signs of muddy footprints demonstrated that he had come in the house through the playroom, pass the sleeping children and into the hall, then retraced this steps to the kitchen and collected a couple of the plastic bowls I use with the younger children – gone back outside filled them with mud, moss, and worms!  ( despite there being a huge collection of containers in the outside area for the children’s use).

He had then gone back into the kitchen (you can guess the state of the carpet!)

This I observed in a moment and turned my attention to Dominic who picked up two plastic measuring jugs, grinned  and said ‘look Granny I made two wormeries’ He then proceeded to tell me in great detail about his wormeries – maybe it was unprofessional of me, maybe I was not fully supporting Dominic BUT I was only half listening as my eyes took in my kitchen. You will have seen photo’s and read article or books on the wonderful outdoor ‘Mud Kitche’s’ – well I had a version of this in my adult full sized REAL kitchen! I have to admit it took a lot of professional restrain not to express my shock at what I was seeing, out loud.

Of course Dominic was not being ‘naughty’, he was in fact fully engaged in his play and self motivated in extending his play. In Dominic’s world consequences of his actions and others feelings are not a consideration, nor understood.

After we had taken Dominic and Scarlett home there was 0nly about an hour before the mindees went home (early finish for a change) and for that hour normal end of routines took place.

Finally at about 6pm I sat down and got on with the serious task of writing the article. By 8pm almost finished – word count a little over but was a manageable number of words to cut. So I printed and read it through – and thought – rubbish!

So although not a complete rewrite – I did make major changes (and reduce the word count)

Finally,  just before bed time I sent to the two people who had offered to proof read  – first my Mum – who has shown a great interest in my writing and my blog. Second to Laura Henry – who I consider to be a colleague and with whom I have professional debate and mutual support.

Many thanks to both Laura and Mum.

Off to bed – tomorrow I will have to send the article in first thing to meet the deadline.

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  1. Oh the joys of ASD, both wormeries keep making frequent attempts at coming into the house as Dominic is worried that the worms will get wet in the rain

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