Wednesday 22nd August – All done!   Leave a comment

Up early again – and eager to put the final touches to the article. feedback from Laura and Mum had been good – and so I just needed to be sure myself. Made a few minor changes such as adding some bullet points – and then holding my breath – sent to the editor.

So fingers crossed everyone – not going to say who article for at this stage – as they may well reject my work – but if it is used I will let you all know which publication it is.

That out of the way – I could turn my attention to the last minding day for a few days and to Mia’s birthday celebrations. Mia will be three during my holiday and so we are celebrating today.

Three little girls today – Mia, Chinzia and Erin – so expecting more ‘girly’ play.

Early start to day with both Erin and Chinzia here well before 7am, and Mia joining us just after 8am. Mia brought some stickers and some chocolate coins to share with her friends ( and all parents do send things to share on their children’s birthday’s – which is lovely).

The girls and I get on  with making Mia’s cake – a chocolate sponge with butter cream and a chocolate sprinkles number 3 on the top. First the cake making – still wonder about where the eggs go! And surprise that we are not making little cakes like we usually do.

Scarlett then joins us as Dominic has an appointment with his consultant – so we all play (and wait for cake to cool).

Carol then arrives to pick up some things – and stays for a coffee and chat. Poor Carol as soon as she arrives the children think that she is here to work – and so have lots of things they want Carol to do! Dominic and his Mummy come back to fetch Scarlett – and 3o mins later all the visitors have gone home.

Time to ice the cake – might not win any prizes but the children were impressed. By now it is lunch time and  birthday cake time with of course  singing and blowing out of candles.

While the children are asleep I wrapped Mia’s presents, and started preparing for home time as once the girls wake up it is time to Erin home .

After taking Erin home – Mia and Chinzia do some stickers pictures with the stickers that Mia brought from home – and before they had finished Chinzia’s mummy arrived for Chinzia.

Mia helps me to find a box to put all her presents in – and chats non stop about her party, her pretty dress, her cake that mummy and daddy are making with mermaid and dolphin. Then she remembers her cake that we made and insists that some is cut and put in a box for mummy / daddy and herself.

So today I concluded the article writing experience, and broke up for for my 5 day mini break – one more thing due to be concluded – my annual accounts. So I gathered together everything I would need and set it all out on the kitchen table ready to tackle first thing on Thursday morning – so as the heading today says ‘All Done – well almost.

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