Friday 24th August – A step back in time   Leave a comment

Second day of my mini break – which actually started a lot earlier than I excepted.

Due to discomfort from my legs ( I suffer from restless leg syndrome) I ended up do the ironing at 1am – not the best time but at least it is now done and not still on my ‘to do list.

6am saw me gathering things together ready for our trip to Chester at the weekend for our twin grandsons – Ben and Josh’s 3rd birthday. Our presents to the twins that needed wrapping, the presents from other relatives that needed delivering, some invites for our daughter Rosie’s wedding and some shoes for her sister Claire (the twins mum).

Also starting to take shape was a large box of craft things for Ben and Josh – as Granny has decided that they are the right age now to have their own craft things. All of this was on my bed – the theory being that I could not go to bed until I had finished all the half completed tasks.

However before bedtime (and completing the tasks) – I had a nice day planned. My friend (and ex LA colleague) Barbara was holding a ‘surgery’ in Bromsgrove for all the providers in her area to pop in and pick up their copy of the EYFS – which Worcestershire is providing. Barbara thought that as we already had a pre arranged lunch date that it would be nice if I joined her for the surgery and if any childminders attended – I would have opportunity to talk to the childminders about Bright Stars Childminding Group – and invite them to attend the EYFS training that I am delivering in September.

I have to say I have a very good relationship with a lot of staff in my Early Years team – most of whom are ex colleagues – but now that I am not part of the team and office politics are not involved – I am listened to more now than when I was staff.

Anyhow – Barbara picked me up and off we went.Just like the ‘old days’ when Babara and I sometimes worked together. From my point of view a really good morning as the first person to attend was a fairly new childminder and she was keen to find out more about Bright Stars Childminding Group and the forth coming training. I also got to chat to Barbara about EYFS 12 and various aspects in relation to childminder practitioners.

As I bonus I spoke to another member of Early Years staff – who reassured me that my pack of   paperwork to access the FE funding was in the post – which is excellent news as the new term is only a couple of weeks away and I have two parents trusting me that the paperwork will be in place on time

Lunch then in a pub  – my treat but hardly broke the bank – less than £8 for two meals and two drinks.

Then a trip round the shops and to Poundland (Bromsgrove has a large one) On our shopping trip I brought a set of books – actually early readers (those Biff and Chip ones) but I brought them  not as early readers but for me to read to the children because cover issues like nits, wearing glasses, going to the dentist and so on. A stainless steel tray and t.set, some more craft bits for Ben and Josh – and some bird food.

A really lovely day- and good to spend time with my friend – and to treat myself for a change.

Back home – a quick trip to the supermarket (something for tea – and I had forgot to buy the wrapping paper).Then to empty the contents of the shed into the playroom. This is because our Jack Russell’s Bertie and Stan were not coming to  Chester with us and the shed was to be their ‘hotel’ for one night – so everything out – ready for adding all the things the dogs would need in the morning.

Then to wrap presents, finish putting together the craft box and to pack my bag – when I finally sat down – I fell asleep on the sofa.


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