Saturday 25th August – Different children but otherwise much the same as every other day!   Leave a comment

Third day of my mini break and up early to write some emails for Bright Stars childminding group (sad I know – but had to be done)

Then sort out Bertie and Stan’s’ hotel shed’ – put in their baskets bowl of dried food, bowl of water (and another bowl of water outside) secure door to shed so held ajar with enough of a gap for the dogs to go in and out as they wish. Before you panic Bertie and Stan are used to staying in the shed hotel and our neighbour keeps an eye on them – and if any problems phones Rosie who lives very close. and has a key to the house. If we are away for several days Rosie comes to feed the dogs but on this occasion we will not be leaving until 8:30am on Saturday and be back before tea time on Sunday.


So at 8:30am off we set – Max – our Lab puppy in the back and everything else on the middle seats.We have a good journey and arrive at our daughter Claire’s house in good time. Birthday presents are took upstairs – but the craft box is for now, However both Ben and Josh appear to have forgotten how to talk!

A cup of coffee later and Mummy tells the boys it is time to go and get their birthday cake – but they don’t want to go! They are given a choice – fetch the cake or stay with Granny to do some sticking with their new craft things. Guess what they chose? Yes – to stay with Granny. So Daddy goes out to mend something, Mummy and Granddad go to fetch the cake – and Ben, Josh, Max our Lab, Thomas their Lab (and Max’s brother) and their other dog Alfie all stay with Granny.

As soon as Mummy has gone Ben and Josh remember how to talk – and don’t stop!

We do several ‘sticking’ pictures each, then some ‘writing’ on the postcards that Granny had got on Thursday from the scrap store. Then we went outside and played on the scooters, the swings, the slide and Ben and Josh showed Granny how the could bounce and catch the ball. Then great excitement mummy and Granddad back with the cake – so of course we have to look at it and admire the dinosaur and their names on the cake.

Lunch – and Granny remarks that Ben and Josh seem to have forgotten about saying please and thank you – so thereafter both boys remember – and Ben made sure Granny noticed this improvement in manners by looking at Granny every time he said please or thank you  ( and by saying both to get sweets from the tin Granny had brought with her)

Mummy and Daddy then had to get ready to go to the wedding (reason for visiting on Saturday instead of just Sunday for the party) So Granny suggested they did some more writing on the postcards – and then put them in the envelopes (from in the craft box). This was a huge success and Mummy, Daddy and Granddad all had lots of letters delivered to them. (Note to self – try this activity with the mindees next week)

Mummy and Daddy go to the wedding, and the afternoon has a familiar feel to it – support with toileting, kissing minor bumps better, constant support to share, take turns and tidy up. Providing drinks and getting meals ( oh – ok did not cook – Granddad went to chip shop – but still had to set table and tidy up). Luckily for Granny – towards bedtime Granddad became very popular and Granny got a bit of a break – then PJ time, story and sleep.


Busmans holiday comes to mind – but I loved every minute!

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