Tuesday night / Wednesday morning – Sleep? What Sleep?   1 comment

You are about to enter the secret world of Penny Webb – childminder by day, restless leg sufferer by night.

Recently I have been sleeping much better – and actually usually manage 4 or even 5 hours sleep.

However I  seem to be entering another period of not sleeping – first sign on Thursday night last week when I was ironing in the middle of the night, then again at weekend when in Chester for twins birthday as did not sleep well and sat in chair a lot of the night so I did not disturb everyone else. Monday night was not good – but then I was very upset – some will know the reason – others will just have to be content to know I was upset.

So in my head I had assumed not sleeping for genuine reasons that anyone could be kept awake with – then I experienced last night!

In the evening I went out for a meal with my good friend Carol – we do this every couple of months and always have lots to talk about – and on this occasion more than usual – my blog, our preparations for implementing the EYFS, mutual friends, our families and the thing that had upset me – and made Carol very angry. Of course we ended on being positive about our future plans both long term and short term.

Anyway we did sit at the table talking for a long time and Carol noted that I was having trouble with my legs – hard not to notice as I can NOT keep still.

Back home – I caught up with emails and social media sites and went to bed around 11.30pm.

I could not get comfortable – so got up – and …..

decided to peel off the sealant from round the bath! (has needed doing for a long time)

Was more difficult than I thought but by 2am had done about half of it, Headed back to bed – still could not sleep – tried reading my current bedtime reading book – all about brain development in babies. No good could not sit or lie still. So got up AGAIN . And did my ironing – this took me to 3:30 am. Decided might as well get dressed and go downstairs  – so I did – turned on laptop and started the process of putting my new paperwork system in place.

By 5am my eyes were closing so I sat on sofa with legs raised and tried to sleep, dozed for 15 mins then woke,walked round a bit, sat down dozed for 5 min …. and so it went on for about an hour – and then it was6 am and  time to take dog for a walk and get ready for the childminding day!

Oh and mindees – who have up to now been playing with dolls and trains – have now stopped their free play game and are lying on the story corner mat – saying ……..

wait for it ………

……..I am not sleeping I am just shutting my eyes!!

Now where id they get that idea from?

Posted August 29, 2012 by psw260259 in Daily blog from my childminding setting

One response to “Tuesday night / Wednesday morning – Sleep? What Sleep?

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  1. aww, big hugs. hope you manage some sleep soon. xxx

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