AM – Thursday 30th August – Ballet anyone?(if not other activities available!)   4 comments

First thing this morning was one of those occasion when things just go ‘right’.

To start with  – when Alex and Shona arrived – and while mummy was still chatting to me, they both went and found the wooden threading animals and laces.

These had not been out for a while because the last time they were the children were not interested in threading the lace in and out of the holes – but were very interested in wrapping the threading lace round their neck!

Anyway within what seems like seconds both children had successfully ‘woven’ their laces in and out of the holes and were able to show mummy and Penny (who quickly got out the camera – explaining to mummy that the first time that either of them had done this)



A bit later on (after mummy had gone to work) I observed Shona posting the plastic coins into the musical pig – nothing unusual in that that – she often does this. What was unusual was the counting in the correct order and one to one corresponding as she put  the coins  into the pig.  1 – 5 (and repeated several times)

Don’t worry – Know I have not mentioned it yet – but ballet coming next.

Of course as a early years practitioner – nay scrap that – as a registered childminder (I am more comfortable with the term registered childminder – I know some prefer other titles – but for me it would be like losing my name  – I have been a registered childminder for so long / worked with registered childminders) – anyway …. I always follow the interests of the children and I have very good relationships with my parents and we share information on a daily basis.

So I knew that Chinzia’s mummy was planning on taking Chinzia to ballet – not full blown pink tutu type ballet but music and dance type ballet. I knew that Chinzia was very keen on this – and in fact last week Chinzia and Mia had been pretending to be ballet dancers.

So this morning I decided instead of our usual dancing to nursery rhymes or doing our ‘Busy Feet’ CD, I would ask the children if they would like to do some ballet – they most definitely did!

So I put on some classical music and I modeled some ‘ballet poses’ – in the loosest sense possible as I am a large woman and I last did ballet 45 years ago!!  Anyway we had a great deal of fun and I think the boys have               more of a natural flair for ballet than the girls. This is one of those occasions when I wish I could show their faces – the concentration was fantastic

After our ballet we went outside – loads of superb chalk drawings / mark making. My in my observations noted that Shona is doing fantastic circles and describing them correctly as big circles and small circles, Chinia is giving running commentary about her drawing ‘ It is a rainbow, look Penny I have done blue and white, I need more colours’. Alex is also describing his art work and today was commenting on the size ‘I did big one, look. look little one’. And even Archie is drawing attention to his master pieces ‘ Idid it, I did it’


Alex started to put all the wooden circles in a line – his friends helped – then when Alex announced it was a train track they all without any discussing lined up at one end of the track – and walked along the wooden circles, moving their arms to represent being a train.


All this – and only 11am!

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4 responses to “AM – Thursday 30th August – Ballet anyone?(if not other activities available!)

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  1. And all that written up before the kids are back home and in bed!

  2. Hi Penny lovely to read your blog, it was recommended by a fellow childminder. My name is Claire and I am a Childminder. I have been childminding since March but before that I was a Primary School teacher. I have a blog also and would love it if you could find time to write a comment or two on my website the address is http// I look forward to hearing from you!

    Claire x

    • Hello Claire

      Lovely to hear from you – and a huge thank you to you friend for telling you about my blog. I will be taking a look at your blog – and will be leaving a comment.

      As an ex primary teaching you will have a lot of knowledge to bring to childminding – good luck in your futures career.

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