Wednesday 29th August – morning after the night before!   1 comment

Those who are keeping up with my blogs will know that last night was not a good night at all as apart from a couple of 5 min naps I did not sleep.

I also had a working day of  7am – 9pm ahead of me.

Did it go ok?     Did I stay awake?      Did I maintain my own standards of practice?    Did I ‘survive’ until 9pm?

So many questions but just one answer ……YES

The weather was not the best heavy rain in the morning and showers on and off the rest of the day.

However as a bonus only 3 mindees – all little ones

Environment was set up much the same as the day before – so I did not have to do too much in the head planning.

We had out the dolls and the doll care sets and the children spent a lot of time dressing and undressing the dolls – and mainly without support ( which I noted as a in the head observation – together with a next steps idea – maybe worth offering the dressing up stuff again now these skills are a bit more developed (last time it was offered just ended up with clothes and accessories EVERYWHERE except being worn!!)

We also had out the big knex – think it is called ‘Kids Knex’ but we always call it big knex. Today was one of those days when the in the head observations were being stored at a alarming rate. All three children made progress in  their construction and imagination skills. Up to today I could be safe saying that Chinzia would make a flower – a pink flower usually and would be made of a stick piece of  Knex and a shape piece joined together – so a two piece simple model. Today well see the photo. Alex and Shona also would usually put two or three pieces together – different ‘named’ models sometimes a ‘hoover’ or ‘a flower’ or ‘a train’ but never more than three pieces of Knex. Today? Again look at the photo’



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One response to “Wednesday 29th August – morning after the night before!

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  1. All of mine are really into K-Nex at the moment from 2yrs up to 8yrs, they all love it.

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