Friday 31st August – Cake to celebrate! Lesson to be learnt!   4 comments

Celebrate what I hear you say – a child’s birthday?

No – none of the children have a birthday today

We were celebrating the end of the EYFS 2008 !!!

Of course the children have no idea why we are celebrating – they repeated the words ‘Bye Bye EYFS 08’ and then enjoyed eating the cake.

Although this was not an activity – it was just an excuse to eat cake (more about that later),  I have to wonder about activities that require children to repeat things that they have no understanding of – even when there is an action involved.

My little ones happily said the words and did the bye bye actions and ate the cake – but what meaning did it have to them – what was the learning outcome?

Of course being a skilled practitioner I could easily reference it to areas of learning – listening, following instructions, taking part in a group activity, extending vocab,using all their  senses – OK, I am being a little flippant but I hope you see what I am saying.

I shall not be referencing to anything because as far as I am concerned we just took part in a fun activity together – none of the children learnt anything new – there were not any WOW moments – they certainly did not gain an understanding of the words  ‘EYFS 08’!

So as we set of on a new experience called EYFS 2012 – what shall I be taking with me as my learning outcome from EYFS 08?

For me EYFS 08 has shown me that it is possible to say the children have taken part in an activity with an outcome that could be referenced to almost every area of learning  BUT in fact the children’s understanding and use of the knowledge and implementation of it in their free play or language use – will be much. much later – if at all because if the activity was not planned with their stage of development and interests and learning style in mind – it is likely that  as a result have learnt other things not in the adults planning !

So that is why I was celebrating the end of EYFS 08 because with EYFS 2012 I shall be using all the things I have learnt with EYFS 08 – and implementing EYFS 2012 – MY WAY.

Oh and the cake – was it planned?

Of course not !

I was in the supermarket on Thursday night at almost 9pm – as I often am – buying milk and fruit for the children – when I spotted the cake on the reduced shelf – and as it was priced at £1 – it just sort of ended up in my trolley.

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4 responses to “Friday 31st August – Cake to celebrate! Lesson to be learnt!

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  1. Oh Penny that made me smile xxx Sitting here since 7.45 waiting for a mindee , that still isnt here. I agree with your sentiments exactly. oh and by the way I love the look of that cake. xx

  2. I so agree, was thinking much the same yesterday, whilst doing a bit of mental planning for the forth coming term. Some people seem to cover all the celebrations of all faiths, why what do children under 5 learn from this? Sorry there are just some things I refuse to do…….such a rebel!

    • That makes two of us Sally – rebels that is!

      My parents were told in a newsletter last year that I would be concentrating on the celebrations that the parents told me they celebrated at home – and the ones I personally celebrate.

      This means that if the children or I have actual experience of a celebration we will be able to talk about it, we may have photo’s with us in them, or things that we can bring in to talk about, to touch and so on.In other words it will have more meaning.

      I am not saying that we don’t celebrate other celebrations – we do – but not that many – and not just the main ones. For example we looked at the festival of TET – but only because I found a lovely book in a charity shop that was a counting book. So the counting was the main aspect being covered – the festival an added bonus. The same for Holi – the main focus would be on mixing colours, the festival a bonus.

      However what I do do, and do all the time – is help the children notice and discuss similarities and differences and to value those differences- because those are the skills they will need to be able to ‘deal’ with all the ‘things’ that they will encounter in life both now and in the future.

      This fits in with my ethos – I do not plan to provide an entire curriculum before the age of five – I plan to provide an enabling environment and experiences that will support the children in self discoveries and in acquiring the skills – or at least the foundations of those skills – to be ready for more formal learning and life opportunities at what ever stage in their life they are needed – be it in the next 5 mins or when they are 12, or 26 or 77!

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