Friday 31st August – That’s more like it!   Leave a comment

Hang on Penny – you have already done a blog about Friday 31st August!

True I have – my view on doing things for fun – and a little dig at the pointlessness of reference things done but not necessarily learnt.

So this second post for Friday 31st August is to show the other side of things – when children take control of their own learning in an adult  planned environment but without any planned outcomes.

Lets see the photo first


What do you see – well not the whole thing because of the need to maintain confidentiality – but hopefully enough to to able to see what the children are doing

Erin  is holding two bamboo sticks and using them as beaters on the wooden circles. But have you noticed she has several circles piled on top of each other.

What you can’t see is the the other 3 children all with 2 bamboo sticks, all with wooden circles – some with just one circle and some with a small pile like  Erin. All are playing their instrument together – not with the same beat but with their own beat and imagination.

These children are all very young- 1 x 3.4 yr old, 2 x 2. 6 yr olds and 1 x 2.4 yr old – yet they took control of their play – there used their past experiences(we have done drumming on a drum, on saucepans, on tables  – but never on wooden circles, and we have used 2 hands to drum but not two bamboo canes) and they organised themselves to all be able to sit  on the pretend grass, all to have wooden circles and bamboo canes.

Now that is what I call a WOW moment and an activity that I will record as a learning outcome – in that it is noted in their evidence diary, I have a photo – and I discussed with parents at handover time. Will I reference it to anything – well to be honest no – because I don’t do that – I only record when I have a concern that a child is not developing as well as I would expect from my knowledge of child development – and in the case of these 4 children – I have no concerns.

My role in all this?

Well I know my children very well and so I had set up the outside environment with them in mind (and I think I got it right – don’t you?) and I observed – and took the photo. That was it no interference, no suggestions , no guiding, and no questions.

My only other role was to share this experience  with their parents – which I have already told you about.

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