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Three  things have struck me as ‘typical’ today

First ‘Typical’ – of course today is the first day of implementation of EYFS 12 – and I have been preparing for this day over many months – thinking things through, reflecting, reviewing, replacing – and I was just about ready- so why this morning am I without my reviewed policies and procedures? After all I have written about the need to ask one self questions and to only have those are needed. And indeed I had done this – I was ready.

WAS – being the key word! On Saturday1st September I was ready – then sometime between Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd, I did some more reflecting – I reread my brand new policies and procedures – AND – binned them! YES all of  them – I was just not happy with them,

And why – I had far less, and  each had far less words  BUT and here I hold my hand up and say I completely overlooked this – they were still full of non parent friendly words, of jargon, or reference to other things  – they were not in plain English!!!

So Sunday was spent re writing them – and I am glad I did because now I am much happier with the ones that I have rewritten – in fact I have a whole new way of approaching policies and procedures.

So as I say ‘typical’  Mrs Organised here – did not have all the documents in place on the first day of implementation of EYFS 12.

Oh and am I worried – not at all – the draft ones were emailed to parents late Sunday night – along with the weekly newsletter and explanation for why making the changes – so all documented. And although may be the shortest review period ever – that is what it is – a review.

The second ‘Typical’  – is about the numbers of children attending on Monday 3rd September – I had done a lot of preparation – and checking of facts to ensure I was ready for looking after 5 under fives – three days a week – including on Mondays. Over the last few months my friend Carol has been helping ensure that all the children in my care were able to attend for the extra hours required – in the knowledge that come 3rd September it would be legal for me to care for all 5 on my own legally.

And how many children attended Penny’s Place on Monday 3rd September?

5 – NO

4 – NO

3 – YES

Just a one off though – Archie enjoying a long weekend camping with his family, and Chinzia not booked in

So first day of looking after 5 on my own will be on Wednesday

And finally the third ‘Typical’

Our topic during August had bee the 3 little pigs – and regular readers will know that the children remained focused on ‘brick houses’ . Today we moved on to a new topic ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ – all very low key and just in the background – there if the children were interested – and they were – we read the story, coloured some pictures and had lots of questions about the Troll – Alex thought the Troll was ‘not nice’ and Shona was concerned where the Troll went after he was tossed into the water by Big Billy Goat Gruff – and all enjoyed the ‘Trip,Trap, Trip, Trap’ refrain.

So – it was a bit of a surprise then when during outside play – Alex and Shona ‘suddenly’ discovered the box of small logs (that had been there for about 3 weeks without anyone playing with them) and started building stick houses.

As I say typical – and just to confirm the continuing interest – Alex and Shona’s Mummy has  this morning (Tuesday – day of writing the blog)  told me of the children’s interest in not just stick houses but straw ones as well when at home and on the journey to Penny’s Place.

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