Tuesday 4th September – Climbing at the park   Leave a comment

First an apology for the delay in my daily blog this week – I guess most of you will know that I have been a bit bust since the announcement of the cabinet shuffle and the appointment of Elizabeth Truss as the MP for Early Years.

Still on with my daily blog – which I enjoy writing – and the parents of the children in my care enjoy reading, colleagues find entertaining – and sometimes useful, and other early years professionals occasionally comment on.

So Tuesday – four mindees today Alex, Shona, Chinzia and Mia. These four mindees have all been in my care since babies – Alex and Shona  for 18 months, Mia for almost 2 years and Chinzia for just over 2 years, so it is fair to say they know each other, me and the routines at Penny’s Place very well. It should also be noted that I have been caring for 4 mindees on my own for a year under a variation from Ofsted – which is now continuing under an  exception  as required by EYFS 12.

Play first thing centered around the box of ‘doctor things’ so dressing up clothes for doctors and vets, and of course medical cases complete with accessories. The children have not seen this box for a while but I choose to put it out today (planned in head) because I had noted improved dressing skills with the dolls and with own clothes – and that they have been using the pretend tools that are part of the current continuous provision to ‘make you better'( someone says they have poorly tummy, lie on their back, lift their top and a friend comes along with a screwdriver or a hammer and ‘makes it better

Lots of super dressing up, filling and emptying of ‘the medical cases, walking around saying ‘ I am doctor’ – and very little ‘making you better’!

As arranged with my friend Carol (oh my goodness planned and sort of in writing via text!) we set off to go to one of the local parks. We have been to this park before and the children love it.

Today I noted that the children are getting more confident and using equipment that they have not used before, or in different ways. However the thing I noted most was the climbing – they were all climbing – and all very proud of their achievements.


As is my normal practice I shared the photo’s and discussed our day with the parents – and it was then that I learnt two of the parents took their children to the same park and had also observed their children’s skills in climbing – and which equipment was their favourite – exactly the same one that had identified as the the preferred one – the one in the photo below

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