No Daily Blog this week, Penny? WHY?   2 comments

Well the truth is I have been on holiday  – that is not away from my home but a week off from the mindees

I had great plans

– lots of ‘piles of stuff’ that needed sorting from where I had ‘tidied them’ to every available spare space in every room in the house.

– a garage storage space that was just not working – due mainly to always being in a hurry and just dumping stuff rather than putting it away properly (and if I am honest – just too much stuff for the available space)

– My tax return to do (accounts done but due to having half year as a partnership and half year as a sole trader – I have been putting off the actual tax return)

– I wanted to visit friends

– I wanted to be able to do some gardening and maybe some ‘me’ shopping

– oh and I needed to go have some blood tests

And so it is now Friday – and what have I actually done in my week off?

I did go for the blood tests – have a lovely bruise to show for it (and now an appointment to see doctor on coming Monday – so guess not good news re diabetes and associated things)

I went to a car boot and brought some dressing clothes and some lovely scarves also for dressing up. A Whizz around mountain and some more magnetic cars, a tub of dinosaurs – and for ME a 1000 piece puzzle – with a promise to myself that if completed all my tasks – I would start the puzzle on Thursday needless to say – I have not completed my tasks and so puzzle still in box)

I did pop into town and I brought, some books for the mindees (including some lovely Stories from Faiths – brand new – £1 for TWO!) A large metal colander for outside play, some craft bits from Poundland, some ink and paper for printer, some farm animals (£1 a set bargain as seen similar for £8 a set – so brought 4 sets) – oh and some cream cakes for me.

I visited my friend Carol- twice – First time to take the information packs for two of my mindees as Carol provide holiday cover, the second time to lend her my brand new Stories from Faiths books (well I won’t be using them this week)

I provided cover for my eldest daughter (who is a childminder) for her mindees and my grand daughter,  while she went to the dentist.

I have done a little sorting of the’ piles of stuff’ but actually created some more as have also been writing a course that delivering to my childminding group next Monday – and so have piles of photocopying and magazines that using for reference


The rest of the time – I have been doing stuff for the reject deregulation campaign and petition  – to be honest this has taken up most of my time.

Friends have commented that the words must just roll of my tongue and on to the paper.


I really struggle – the words do fall out of my head but never in order, never make sense and often refuse to co operate.

It takes me ages to make sense of the words and to to try to convey what I want to say. Then when my head says it is all making sense – I read it back and it is FULL of spelling mistakes, typo’s and words that even my head has NO IDEA what they are supposed to be!

Words and I do not get on – but we get there in the end (well as long as people are happy to over look the typos and the words that spell check say are ‘ok’ but actually are the wrong word in context of what I am saying)

My other BIG problem is my typing – or rather lack of typing skills – I use one finger (and occasionally one thumb) to type!!

As an example this short blog has taken me over an hour  to write .

BUT these ‘difficulties’ although time consuming – will not stop me from saying what needs saying in relation to to the campaign and the petition.

Oh and to finish my  week off – more of the same – but I do have a lunch date with a friend – a very understanding friend who will expect me when she sees me – as I have to wait in for a delivery – it is a laptop projector to use for my training session on Monday. So something for me in a way – although my husbad has already announced that it will be very useful to him!

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2 responses to “No Daily Blog this week, Penny? WHY?

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  1. At least you made time for cream cakes – that is important! And although your writing may take you time and initially be full of mistakes, when you publish it it reads very professionally. x

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