Monday 17th September – Five go to visit Penny’s doctor”   1 comment

So first day back after my ‘ holiday’

Very busy day ahead as have 5 mindees and childminding from 6:30am t0 18:30 . Also  visit to the doctor for my blood results, a trip to Sandwell Valley Farm Park – and a course to tutor in the evening, all to be fitted in before bedtime.

My day starts just before 3am when I get up and switch on the computer as I have the course to finish writing, the powerpoint handouts to print – and need to get to grips with the new laptop projector that arrived n Saturday. I actually manage to get all except the last bit of printing done before Chinzia arrives at 6:30 – so very pleased with myself and slightly less stressed about the whole course thing.

Chinzia and I get straight into my car to go and collect Erin – we are back at Penny’s Place just before 7am – and with a bag full of small bags donated by Erin’s mummy. The girls then settle into playing – noticing the new resources that have been added over the last week.

By 8:40 the other three children  – Alex, Shona and Archie, have joined us and the day swings into action.

Breakfast, getting picnic ready, free play – Alex and Archie love the new whizz around mountain- Alex get to works building his line of cars – slightly inconvenient place as from corner of room right across the lounge doorway – but we manage.

Just before 10am we start to get ready to go out – to the doctors (and from there planning to go straight to Farm Park).

Having five mindees means that I have to be organised and time has to be allowed for everything to be done.

So first tidy up – the children all understand the need to tidy up – and can be very good at tidying up and even putting in the right boxes – but on the other hand most days – one or more ‘is not in the mood’ to tidy up. They all have different tactics when it comes to trying to avoid tidying up – and although you should not smile (and I don’t in front of them) I do find it amusing.

Shona will carry something to another room, then thinking I can not see her – will proceed to play with that thing. Mia lies on the floor and pretends she has not heard, Alex pouts and refuses to move or do anything, Archie gets cross with Penny for daring to suggest he should tidy up, Erin will go round telling the others to tidy up but not do it herself, Chinzia always does tidy up – but the enthusiasm with which she tidies up varies!

Then it is toileting needs time – today 1 in nappy, 3 using potties, 1 using toilet – takes TIME.

Next shoes – all can mainly do themselves – however if they choose to –  is a different matter!

Once ready – all of us (and all the stuff we need for a day out) needs to be put in car. All the children are very good and always follow the ‘rules’ about leaving Penny’s Place and getting in the car.

And finally at 10:30 we set off to the doctor’s.

Usual chat in car about nee naws – but children now understand difference between a nee naw (blue lights) and other vehicles (orange lights) – they comment ‘That’s not a nee naw’ and ‘Look a nee naw – it has got blue lights’ They are now starting to drop saying nee naw (habit) and are describing the emergency vehicles accurately. Archie notices that we are driving on a road by his house (he is right Penny’s doctors is very close to his house) He says ‘Mummy Daddy house’ while pointing in the right direction – the other children want to see Archie’s house but we don’t go past it – but Archie knows it is just round the corner (so to speak) ‘There, there’ he says excitedly  ‘Archie mummy. daddy house’

All out of  the car, excellent holding hands and walking sensibly into the doctor’s. The children are really interested in the touch screen arrival system. ‘What doing Penny?’ ‘ It puter’ says one. ‘Penny do numbers’ says another as I enter my birth date, ‘What that noise?’ asks a third as the announcement system beeps to call the next patient.

We all  head towards the seating area – luckily seats available for all of us. The children organise themselves – who is sitting by who, climbing onto the chairs and sitting nicely, Archie by Penny – the other 4 on the row opposite (and facing Penny). Shona smiles at everyone , we have a running commentary every time someone enters the waiting room – ‘that’s man, that’s lady’. ‘ that lady got sticks, that man got cough, that man got big pushchair (of course it is a wheelchair so I explain and they quickly grasp the difference). Every time the beep goes they look to see which door they go in saying ‘mans turn, ladies turn’ Then Shona notices numbers over the doors – so discussion about the numbers – which is Penny’s number they want to know – Four  I say –  we look at the numbers and find the number four. Is it Penny’s turn they ask – no, not yet I say as a lady goes into room four. The lady comes back out and the beep goes again – Penny’s turn they all shout – causing laughter in the waiting room.

Doctor is a little surprised to see all five trail in after me – but he smiles and chats to them for a few seconds. The children all gather round me – not sure what they should do – but then curiosity gets to them ‘ What’s that noise?’ says Erin looking to locate the sound – she knows it is a printer sound and locates the printer under the doctors desk just as it prints some rather depressing graphs for Penny – not that Erin is worried about the graphs – she just wants to get the paper out of the printer – luckily the doctor gets there first. Archie lies on the floor and explores the pipe under the radiator, Shona smiles and tries to get get the doctor’s attention – she succeeds and the doctor smiles back and tickles the side of her face – ‘What’s your name?’  he says ‘Shona’ she says confidently – of course all the other children then want to tell the doctor their name – apart from Archie who is far too busy with exploring the pipe – ‘He is Archie’ his friends tell the doctor.

Shona spots the ‘bed’ ‘You lie down on bed she says . My mummy go to doctors says Erin -‘ and my mummy’ shout all the others. (Reminder from Penny to use our quiet voices – they all duly whisper) – the doctor smiles and says ‘they must keep you very busy’ ‘Yes I agree – I am always on the go – directed at the doctor as for years he has said I need to be more active in order to loose weight – for some reason he didn’t say that this visit!

Talking of weight – I have to stand on scales – ‘What you doing Penny?’ ask the children. It has numbers’ says Chinzia who is closest to scales – the doctor wants to know what number Penny is – luckily the children only pick up on the last number Penny says. ‘Penny is 7’ they repeat – thank goodness I think – really don’t want them telling everyone including parents my real weight number – so very happy they think Penny weighs ‘7’.

During all of this constant interest and chatting from the children the doctor is doing his job and discussing Penny’s diabetes and thyroid.

‘Printer’ shout the children as they hear the familiar noise and  more perspirations are printed in the doctors latest attempt to help Penny’s body manage the conditions she has. (Been like this for the last 11 years – as Penny’s conditions do not respond well to all the various things tried – and so a constant battle)

I am really pleased that she took the five children for two reasons

1) The doctor could not say Penny was not active!

2) Being me not going to check – but absolutely definite that this visit to the doctor has covered all seven areas of learning!

As we leave the doctor’s conversation switches to ‘finding Carol and going to the Farm Park’

So into the car and off to ‘find Carol’ who is waiting in the prearranged place – ready for our trip to the Farm Park .

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  1. Wow you were brave taking 5 to the doctors with you! x

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