Feedback from Early Years 2012 conference – Part two   3 comments

At the end of Part One – it was time for lunch – which if you are interested – was a cold buffet – and very nice too.

Over lunch I chatted to the people that I had met earlier in the morning, finding out about their workshops and their thoughts about the conference so far.

Before we knew it – it was time to go back into the main hall – this time for a lecture from Sally Goddard Blythe – now this is someone that I had not heard of, or read any books etc by her (although she has wrote a lot) However not really a surprise as Sally is a specialist in Neuro – Physiological Psychology – bit of a mouth full but in every day language is about the under lying reasons behind specific learning difficulties.

I have to admit that as hearing this sort of information for the first time – some of it went over my head – and I need to do a bit more reading on the subject. Basically my understanding at this moment in time, is that for some children – in fact for many children – they miss a stage in their development – and Sally’s work has been (is) about trying to correct this and so to speak – fill in the missing pieces. Sally and her colleagues have an extensive testing system and a program of exercises that are having an remarkable impact on reversing these difficulties by developing the neuro-motor skills. But this is expensive and not available to all who could benefit from it.

So Sally and her team have developed a simple testing system – and although sure I have forgotten some aspects – these two simple tests stuck in my mind – standing on one leg – and touching each finger with the thumb of same hand. If a child can’t do them then it is an indicator that some further checks may be needed. To go along side this Sally and her team have come up with some exercises that can be implemented by teachers at school – for the whole class not just one or two children – as the exercises are good for everyone and can support the futher development of  neuro – motor status

Putting it to more technical terms (from the conference literature) Neuro – motor skills  are involved in every aspect of learning – research has shown that there is a link between neuro – motor status and educational achievement

The final point that I would like to pick up on,  is this research supports my belief that prem babies – like Ben and Josh SHOULD NOT be going to school by birth date as their neoro – motor skills will be underdeveloped.

After Sally – my favourite early years poet Peter Dixon stood up to speak – it was clear though that he was not well – and in a few places he seemed to be overwhelmed by whatever it was. He carried on like the true professional that he is – and as usual had everyone laughing at his stories and poems. It was not until nearly the end of his ‘slot’ that Peter admitted that he had not been well all week and that his wife had suggested he cancel – but of course he had not because he did not want to let everyone down.And he didn’t – a fantastic presentation as usual – we were all just a little worried . At the end – I brought one of Peter’s books (the only thing I spent money on) and when he asked my name so he could sign it – he said ‘Oh no –  I know a Penny – and she is not very nice’  (not sure if that is true) but anyhow he signed my book ‘To a very nice Penny’ – icing on the cake for me – at the end of a fantastic first day.

But the day is not over yet –

I set off to find my hotel – with the intention of after booking in to walk into the Bull Ring for some shopping and my tea.

Bit of a problem though – I can not find the hotel door!! – I know I am in the right place – I have checked my instructions and the university map – yes I was in the right place so I walk round the building in front of me looking for the way in – but the only door says Business Study Center (or something like that) I walk round again – no that is the only door – so I look at the map again – and set off round the building for the third time – this time common sense kicks in and I ask some people. They direct me back to the door that I have already passed 3 times!

Booking in was easy – as was finding my room on the third floor. It was an ‘ok’ room – it had everything I needed and the bed seemed comfortable. Half an hour or so later I set of to the Bull Ring – but I did not get very far – yes those who know me well – it was a hypo coming on – just the shaking stage – not the crying stage – so I turned round – made it to the hotel and ordered a club sandwich- my brain had stopped working because I forgot I had my emergency supplies in my bag – and sat there shaking and not with it,  waiting for my sandwich. Still I was safe enough sat there and in due course my sandwich arrived and I ate it.  On reflection – I think the walking three times round the hotel pushed me over the edge – because as usual out of normal routines, my brain working hard to take in all the info – and the extra walk was just a bit too much.

Once I felt able – I went up to my room – did some work on the notebook and then retired to bed as not feeling the best (after hypo impact) and was a sleep my 9pm ish (unheard of for me) ……

…… then a text arrived!

It was Rosie – daughter four – please could I check her supporting statement – I turned over and tried to go back to sleep – no use  – brain awake. So I get up and work on her statement. Then although not finished, back to bed – read a bit of Peter Dixon’s book and fell asleep again – in what turned out to be a very comfy bed.

Tomorrow would soon be with us – and I was really looking forward to it.

To be continued …

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3 responses to “Feedback from Early Years 2012 conference – Part two

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  1. Again brilliant, but watch out for your health Penny, ooh can’t wait for part three

    • Thank you Hazel – for your comments – this one and the previous one about the Early Years 2012 conference.

      I am glad that you are enjoying reading them – and that you are looking at the links. Makes it all worth the time and effort to provide feedback – as in my own small way I am helping to share good practice and ideas from others.

      As for my health it is something that I live with – sometimes I get ‘caught out’ but usually only when out of normal routines – so not that often.

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