Monday 17th September pm – Five go to the farm park   Leave a comment

Well more delay than usual in writing this – mainly because I wanted to record my feedback to the Early Years 2012 conference while it was still fresh in my mind.

Now to do a bit of catch up – there is already a blog about 17th September called Five visit Penny’s Doctor – and so picking up from the end of that blog where we had met up with Carol at the prearranged meeting point.

We drove to the Sandwell Valley  Park Farm  -details here

and I have to admit as we passed the hospital and streets of houses I did wonder if my Sat Nav was taking me to the right place! But it was – we turned in to a lane and suddenly the environment changed dramatically.  Green spaces, cows, adventure playground, a caravan park – and just beyond the caravan park – buildings that were the actual farm buildings.

We parked and all got out-  me and my five mindees, Carol and her two mindees and a friend that we were meeting for the first time and her two own children and one mindee – so quite a large group.

We walked from car park – across the caravan park – where the was an added free bonus – a gathering of dog owners training their dogs.

And so into the Farm Park – not sure if a special offer on that day – or not – but just £1.75 for myself and all 5 mindees !

What a lovely place for little ones – a courtyard area with plenty of animals for the children to see – we saw pigs, ponies, goat, rabbits, chickens, ducks, farm cat – and more than one pen of most animals  so no crowding round trying to see.

The children loved the steps that they could climb up and look into the pig sty. Archie was particularly impressed – no – not by the steps or even the pigs but by the pig poo!

Lots and lots of discussions between the children and questions for Penny. Some of the discussions were about the goat – was it Big Billy Goat gruff or Little Billy Goat Gruff – a joint decision was not reached – with each child having his or her own opinion.

Due to the courtyard arrangement the children were able to have  a certain amount of freedom to wander and look at the things that interested them. Brilliant.

All together though to leave the courtyard and to find the loo and the picnic area – both were good – especially the hand washing area by the picnic benches.

After our picnic we went for a little walk through the ‘cottage garden’ stopping to look for the fish and to run round and round the raised pond – and then onto the maze – rust right for little one not too high and and not too big. My mindees loved being allowed to go into the maze without Penny – but with our friends ‘big girl’.

Walking on a bit further we came to some giant chess boards and a old fashion wooden skittles range – both great fun and good for the development of those large muscles and gross motor skills.

Reluctantly we then had to make our way back to the car park – but we will return and explore further – especially as did not get to explore the adventure playground.

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