Tuesday 18th September – A walk with Carol   Leave a comment

Regular readers of my blog with recognise the name Carol as she is often mentioned.

Carol and I do a lot of things together – we think a like, like many of the same things and enjoy each others company – and our mindees all get on together and all relate well to Carol and I.

I think it is really good for the children and for us adults to have these close relationships and to be able to do things together.

So on this particular day Carol came to my setting – not to come in and play – but to go for a walk to my nearest park. The children and I were ready when Carol arrived and so we all set off together – crossing the head of the cul de sac where I live and onto the footpath that runs between the railway line and the housing estate.

Carol and her children are focusing on looking for signs of autumn – we were not focusing on anything in particular – but in my head I did wonder if the children would comment on the viaduct bridge.

So off we set and because we support each other without any planning or even conversation – we started looking for signs of autumn – the thing we noticed most were berries – lots of them – different sizes, different colours  and of course with different names. The names were of no interest to the children – although they were familiar with the name blackberries – but the colours did interest them – there were shouts (and pointing) I see more red berries, I see more orange berries and so on.

My children did notice the viaduct bridge and the trains going over it – from a distance they thought Penny was taller than the bridge – but when we stood under the bridge they could see that the bridge was much taller. One of the children noted that the bridge was made of bricks and therefore was a strong bridge (nice link back to our work on the 3 Little Pigs).

And so we continued our walk to the park – which is set on a hill – bonus is the view of the top of the viaduct and therefore the trains – downside  a bit of a climb to the top – not that the children mind!

The children continued to develop their climbing skills  – up the bank to the slide, into  and onto pieces of equipment.



After about an hour we head back – as time for lunch and naps, we said our goodbyes to Carol and her minded children on my driveway and go our separate ways.

A lovely walk – and of course I ticked (in my head) lots of boxes including the need for out side play and physical activity – and many others linked to the 7 areas of learning.

Which is just as well because the thing I have not mentioned up to now is  – today was my  first day of providing  funded places for 3 year olds!

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