Wednesday 19th September – Another Rickety Rackety Bridge   Leave a comment

We are off to the arboretum again today – making the most of the better weather – as third ‘outing’ this week – Farm Park on Monday, Walk on Tuesday and now arboretum on Wednesday.

Carol is already at the arboretum when we arrive because I had  a few things that I needed to do first (see blog ‘Visitor with a tape measure) – but a quick call to Carol and she walked back to the entrance to meet us.

Straight to the picnic place that Carol had chosen – a bench at the end of a wide grass path – perfect.

When we had finished eating the children enjoyed running up and down the grass path and trying different methods of moving – including walking backwards – which some were very good at.

The children were keen to see the trains – we have heard lots while eating our picnic – so off we set through the arboretum – noticing signs of autumn (to link with Carol’s topic) some leaves starting to fall / change colour – but to be honest the children were more interested in getting to the train watching place.   On the way though the children did notice that one of the fairies had had an accident and their head had broken off – lots of ‘poor fairy’ but no real concern or desire to mend the fairy.

Once at the train watching spot the children sit on the picnic rug and wait and wait and wait – ‘where are the trains?’ they ask – to be honest Carol and I don’t know – so we help the children work out some possible reasons – the most popular is – the trains are having lunch.

So while they are waiting the children go off an explore – fully in sight of Carol and myself but wondering around looking at things that interest them. At first it is sticks – some of  the so called sticks are a bit more like small branches! Then they rediscovered the fallen tree – we have examined it before but of course to the children it is a new discovery because each time they spot new mini beasts and think of new things to do on and around the log.


Then in the distance we hear the familiar sound of the steam train and the children rush to look – well most do  – a couple are a bit slower and miss the arrival of the train on ‘our’ bit of track – but they see the departure.

Off we set down the long tree lined avenue – Shona finds some lovely leaves that interest her – and she shows them to Carol and to me.

We spot a large patch of mud – then notice some track marks in it – we wonder who or what made the tracks. ‘Train’ says Erin – logical really this is where we see trains – when we are at the arboretum. ‘No’ says Alex – ‘It tractor because it got wheels’ Carol and I both are amazed –  at 2yrs and 8m Alex is showing a level of understanding, and reasoning skills – including the use of the word ‘because’ that we had not expected.

Before we get as far as the fish pond we turn right to cross the bridge – straight away – without a word from me – my children look for the Troll  – Alex who does not like many things  that are new or make noises -says with glee ‘Where is the Troll – he might gobble me up’ With a bit of support they chant as they cross the bridge ‘Trip, Trap, Trip Trap over the Rickety, Rackety bridge’ Carol’s children follow behind (both younger than the children I care for) and all 7 children trip trap over the bridge several times – they come to the conclusion that the Troll is not there – and yes they have noticed it is not the same bridge that we crossed last time we were at the arboretum. They start to reason – where is the Troll – Having lunch? Gone shopping? Playing? All very reasonable guesses .


A quick run round the grass circular mown maze – and then it is time to go home

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