Monday 24th September – Heuristic Play? Loose Parts Play?   1 comment

A very wet and  windy day – what to do today? – I asked myself as I set out the environment and did my usual in my head planning.

Well of course the continuous provision is in place – but with inspiration from the Early Years 2012 conference fresh in my mind (and a huge pile of stuff sorted and ready to go) I want to offer some open ended play today.

My mindees are all used to playing independently and used to treasure basket and heuristic play – but I wanted something a bit more.

So I decided to offer a range of resources – some might term it loose parts play,some heuristic play – but I thought ‘What the heck?’ Do the children mind  – either what it is called or what is available? The answer of course is no – they will use their imagination, use the resources creatively and have fun – no matter what is made available and what it is called.

So having created this freedom with in my mind – and therefore within my in my head planning, I set about putting things in the play area – all sorts that could be moved between the continuous provision in the conservatory and the open ended play in what I call the ‘Middle Room’ (because in the middle of  the house between the lounge and the conservatory)

Rather than bore you with lists of what I put out – I thought I would just add a few photo’s and descriptions of the children’s play. Of course they did loads more – filling bags, putting things in and out of containers – making ‘collections and ‘guarding them from the others, taking things to the home area to cook, and mix – and on and on and on

Shona and Erin put on  socks – as you can see Shona managed to pull on the very long socks. Erin actually managed to get 4 pairs of socks on- on top of her own. Both girls sorted the socks into pairs and commented too big, too small – and both chose what they considered to be ‘pretty’ socks – showing no interest in the grey stripy ones or the ones with Thomas pictures

All the children built ‘towers’ with the ceramic discs – both with large discs and the smaller ones.



Shona made patterns and shapes with the discs


Erin used the hair rollers to make binoculars


They all used the assortment of brushes to pretend paint and to clean Penny’s furniture!


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One response to “Monday 24th September – Heuristic Play? Loose Parts Play?

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  1. I love this type of play Penny. It’s amazing to watch what the children come up with. Their imagination makes the possibilities endless.

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