Wednesday 19th September – A visitor with a tape measure!   1 comment

So there we  all were – getting on with breakfast and thinking about our visit later on to the arboretum – when I had a text message – ‘Phone Penny’ say 5 little people and Shona brings me my phone -‘ here you are Penny’ she says (the children don’t realise it but the bringing Penny her phone is all part of the emergency planning – they all know where Penny’s phone is kept and all take turns to bring in to Penny. Therefore if ever Penny falls, can not move and does not have the phone on her person – one of the children will bring it to her)

So who was texting? It was my friend Lynn – an ex LA colleague – I had been to lunch at her house during my week off  and she had mentioned she had started a little business making old fashion aprons – like the ones worn traditionally by butchers. I was very interested in this news because it just happened that I had been looking for aprons for my mindees – now they are too big for bibs – but still a bit messy at meal times.

So it was  Lynn  texting to see if she could pop over to measure the children for their aprons. Of course it was all right – I know Lynn has an enhanced CRB and she is a trusted friend –  she said she would be there within the hour.

I text Carol to say we would be late getting to the arboretum. Then prepared the children for our visitor. Alex decided straight away that he did not like the idea of an apron and did not want Lynn to measure him, but the four girls were very excited about Lynn’s visit.

As Lynn arrived I said quietly ‘4 keen girls, 1 reluctant boy’  – the girls did not hear as too busy saying hello, Alex did not hear because he was staying out of the way in the conservatory.

Lynn came in and said hello to everyone including Alex. I should perhaps mention that Lynn is an ex teacher and has lots of experience of this age group. So when I suggested that she takes the girls in the lounge and that Alex could stay in the conservatory playing – she understood fully.

So off skipped the girls with Lynn chatting away – ‘What’s that in your bag Lynn?’ ‘What you doing?’ ‘ I got pretty jumper’ ‘I got pretty hair’ and so on (the girls are into ‘pretty’ and ‘girly’ things at the moment).

Lynn showed them the roll of material – ‘Did they like it?’ They did – it was pretty. (had butterflies and cars and other pictures on it) Lynn showed them an apron that she had made – would it fit? she wondered out loud, Who is the tallest? She got the children to stand in line in height order. She measured the children with her tape measure to check they were in the right order, she tried the ready made apron on them for size – did it fit she asked? Too big, too small and so on.

Alex mean while was pretending to play -but  he was  listening to every word that Lynn said. So I asked him if he would like to sit on my lap and watch what Lynn was doing. He would. So in the end Alex did join in – he still did not want an apron – but thought that Archie would.

And Lynn went home with all the measurements to make 12 aprons (2 for each child), we set off to arboretum and await delivery of  the aprons in a week or two

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One response to “Wednesday 19th September – A visitor with a tape measure!

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  1. Love the fact that you have involved and consulted with the children and they know what to do regarding your telephone. #Pesonal, Social & Emotional Development.

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