Tuesday 2nd October – Looking for conkers   Leave a comment

On Monday Archie’s mummy had told me how she had taken Archie to the park at the weekend and how he had collected some conkers – including those in their shells. She explained how Archie had spent ages playing with the conkers and counting them – and to her delight when Daddy came home from work Archie was still interested in the conkers and Archie had told Daddy all about the conkers and showed Daddy how to count and play with conkers.

This reminded me that last year we had been to Mary Stevens park to collect conkers and had found loads.

So although Archie does not attend on Tuesday ‘s I decided that I would take the other children to the park to collect conkers so that they had had similar experiences to Archie and that on Thursday when Archie next attends we would all look at our conkers together.

But we before we set off we needed to have breakfast – after breakfast Chinzia started to clean the floor with a dressing up scarf – so I suggested she use a proper floor cloth – and before long all 4 children were cleaning the floor – two on hands and knees and two by pushing the cloth around with their foot (not telling you which way Penny cleans the floor!) Alex even took his cloth to the bin and shook it so the krispies fell off the cloth and into the bin. When they had finished cleaning the floor all 4 children put their floor cloths by the washing machine!


Carol decided she would join us on the trip to collect conkers (she had last year but whereas I had the same children Carol had some new  children.

So off we went baskets in hand to see what we could find – we did find quite a few but it seems other people or maybe the squirrels had already harvested them because we had to search to find them.


Chinzia and Shona wanted to chase the squirrels and I think catch them – but the squirrels were much too quick.

We had a lovely walk though the park and ventured on a ‘new to us path’ past the Bowling Green – and found ourselves by the pond (which we had walked round lots of times) while watching the ducks, geese swan and other water birds the children practiced their counting skills – Carol joined in and got to twenty before she claims to have lost count – I cheated and said there were lots.

Another squirrel then caught the children’s attention – Chinzia came up with a new word (well new to us) Bong (not even sure if that is how you spell it) soon all the children were saying boinging – and boinging (jumping) after the squirrel

Time to leave the park and go back to Penny’s Place – but Penny needed to make a detour – back to the DIY shop to buy a second toy storage unit (naughty Penny)

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