Wednesday 3rd October – Compost – everywhere !   1 comment

I decided that as the children had enjoyed planting the flowers on Monday that I would extend this with some compost play. Luckily I had just brought a bargain new sand type tray (B&Q £10) and so this morning the children and I set up the activity outside. Compost in the tray – 3 of the large outside storage boxes nearby to put all the things on- so would be in easy reach.

The ‘things’ included chid sized hand trowels, forks and rakes, empty plant pots and various recycled containers, shells, pebbles and pine cones – oh and a dustpan and brush.

Rather than ramble on and on – just going to included some photo’s which I hope will show how much fun it was. However you won’t see Chinzia’s face (the phoo of the dirty hands – she is grinning – and for Chinzia this is a ‘WOW’ moment as Chinzia does not usually like  ‘mess’ or getting dirty – and this was the first time in the two years 5 months that she has been in my care – that she has got dirty – and enjoyed it – playing in the compost for well over an hour.






Posted October 4, 2012 by psw260259 in My thoughts on current childcare issues

One response to “Wednesday 3rd October – Compost – everywhere !

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  1. I love this type of play! What a fab time you’ve had. Thank you for sharing.

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