Sharing of Information – A two way process?   3 comments

One of my aims for my blog is to share information with other childminders, other childcare practitioners and those involved in the early years sector and parents.

Naturally the main content of my blog will be about my setting and my personal views about things.

However I also want to provide information from others – so that information is freely available and can be shared with as many people as possible. Of course I will decide which information I put on my blog but generally if people ask or if I see something that I think needs sharing – it will appear on here.

I do of course ask permission before putting people’s contact details on here.

The other way that I share information from others is I provide links to other people’s blogs or websites – either within a particular blog post or in the LINKS section which is on my Home Page.

Those owners of websites or Blogs are of course able to say what they like about anything and anyone – and I may not personally agree with the content – but my personal opinion is not the opinion of all – and so I think it is good to read other people’s opinions as it helps gives more than one opinion and therefore can help with reflective practice and adapting ones own opinion.

However I do have a major personal issue with those websites, blogs and forums  that insist you have a link back to their site before they will allow others websites or blogs to be mentioned. This especially applies to online forums – both those that have a membership fee and those that are free to join and use.

What is to be achieved by this ‘rule’ – it stops useful information from being freely shared – makes those than ban others seem petty and narrow minded – and just means that people have to go to the time and trouble to find that other information by other means.

In my case my blog is just for information and for expressing my personal view – I do not sell products  – not even ebooks. I do not even have adverts on my blog because I pay so I don’t have to. Therefore I do not understand why there should be an issue with others linking to my blog – or allowing others to comment on or pass on information from me.

Personally I have just two ‘rules’ about sharing information via my blog

  • I welcome comments on my blog  and I enjoy reasoned professional debate from people who disagree with my personal view. However, I will not allow comments to be posted which are defamatory to  someone else, or likely to cause offence to others.
  • If anyone requires a link back as a condition of  providing a link to my blog – or for information taken from my blog to be shared – then I will not as a matter of principle provide a link to their website / forum or blog  – therefore they are the ones who prevent their members from freely accessing information


To demonstrate what I mean

I have a link to NCMA’s website – I am not a member of NCMA, but I think they provide very good information to parents, prospective childminders and established childminders.

I do not expect NCMA to provide a link to my blog.


I have a link to other childminders websites and blogs – I know most of them do not have a link to my blog


I I have a link to the Staff Room Childminding Forum – but not to those forums who expect a link back.


It is a shame that not everyone views this issue the same way as me – and allows information to be freely shared


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3 responses to “Sharing of Information – A two way process?

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  1. I know what you mean. I think it should be something for each individual to decide whether to do a link or not. I don’t like it either when they say you have to.

  2. Penny, I think that some of it has to do with commercial reasons – sites want to increase their traffic and therefore their revenue from advertising. I applaud your stance on this, in that linking to other sites should be for the benefit of others and not purely for financial reasons!

    • I am sure you have a very valid point Jenni -and in a way I can understand that. However you do not have to look very far to find sites that have advertising and are very successful but do not require linking to them as a condition of sharing information – there are many- but Facebook would seem to be a prime example.

      I think in a way it does back fire on those who insist on linking – as they miss out of free links to their site from people like me who do take a stance. And also stand the risk of losing members who believe that information should be freely available. I also wonder how they justify the conflicting rules – because as far as I know government sites such Ofsted do not do linking.

      I would not expect anyone to provide a link to my site unless they wanted to – but some people do, and many others put a link to a particular blog post within their blog or website – in the genuine spirit of information sharing.

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