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Daily blogs have been somewhat lacking last week – due entirely to me not feeling at all well all week. Last weekend I thought I had just been doing too much (and it had been a very busy couple of weeks) but as the week progressed it was clear that it was a bit more than tiredness as I felt worse as the week unfolded.

Therefore the children and I have enjoyed a low key week with lots of free play – and of course learning through that play.

By lunch time each day Penny’s Place looked like a whirlwind had been through the house.


However the children are now very good at tidy up time – and the new storage units help because the children sort as they tidy up. I observed that this Archie is now sorting as he tidies up – and even put the magnetic trains in one basket and the magnetic cars in the other baskets – so a next step achieved for Archie.

The boys have enjoyed playing with the dolls as much as the girls, and all children were observed feeding dolls, undressing dolls (and asking Penny to help redress the dolls), helping dolly to use the dolls potty – and of course putting dolly to bed.

We have been for local walks to collect leaves and to visit the post office and the chemist.

Whenever I take the children out they are all very well behaved and a credit to both their parents and to me. The children have their own mini fan club in the chemist staff – and every time we go to the chemist they chat to the staff and are complimented on their behaviour.

The children’s knowledge of the community around Penny’s Place is now developing at a fast rate – they know where things like the post box are, where each shop is, and the name of the road where Penny’s Place is.

They also understand the rules about holding hands and walking when on the paths by the road – and know that once we reach the ‘alley the can let go of hands and run – provided they stop by each lamp post.

On Friday when we went for our walk we collect leaves on the way to the shops, lots and lots of discussion about the colours, size and shapes of the leaves. Then on the way back the wind picked up – the children squealed with delight as they observed the trees and leaves on the floor blowing around -and at the wind blowing their hoods down – no matter how often they put them back on. I think it is so important that the children experience all sorts of weather for themselves

We have of course been out in the garden – the main interests this week being ‘making music’ with the various recycled items, and in their words ‘making patterns’ with the wooden circles and the bamboo sticks.

We have enjoyed sorting through the bags of jumble sent in by the parents for the Bright Stars childminding group jumble. The children tried on some of the clothes – but claimed they were ‘too small’, they found several pairs of adult sun glasses and as these were so popular they have found their way into the dressing up box (which coincidentally is  lso a jumble bags ‘find’. In fact we found so many things that either the children or Penny thought we ‘had’ to keep that Penny needs to make a donation of £30 to the jumble sale funds!

However the most popular activity this week has been the mark making table. Our topic on the Three Billy Goats Gruff has gone off at a slight tangent – and we are now focusing on bridges and the viaduct bridge arches. As a result the mark making was materials were postcards (unused from the scrap store) with pictures of arches or bridges – together with some chunky triangle coloured pencils. Over the week the children returned to this activity again and again, pencils skills were observed, as were a variety of actual marks. Some of the marks were nice neat ‘squiggles’ on the pre printed lies (intended for the address)


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