Monday 15th October – What no outside play!   5 comments

Yes it is true – the children at Penny’s Place did not have any outside play today – nor did we go for walk to the park or similar – we don’t even do a school run or preschool run.

Am I worried?  NO – not at all. The reason being the children did not want to go out – they were happy playing inside and taking part in the activities / experiences on offer (more about that later).

What does it actually say in the EYFS?

3.57 ‘…….. Providers must provide access to an outdoor play area or, if that is not possible, ensure outdoor activities are planned and taken on a daily basis ….’

Well that is ok then – the door to the outside area was unlocked – the children can access and put on their own coats and shoes themselves – and quite capable of saying ‘I want to go out’. So access was provided, choice was given – children wanted to stayed in.

So not worried, not concerned – but I must admit a little puzzled why the children –  who love being outside – decided not to go out today.

So what were they so engrossed in that they did not want to go out?

Well several things – but the thing that they went back to time and time again was the dressing up. Previous blogs have mentioned progress in dressing skills and introduction of  doll play (undressing mainly) and limited dressing up opportunities.

Then on Sunday, I suddenly became the owner of a rather nice wooden box with a lid – Why suddenly? Well I have been collecting Jumble for the Bright Stars Childminding Group from family and friends – all sorts of stuff and I have to admit a few bits and pieces have ended up being brought by me for my setting – and then on Sunday my daughter Rosie arrived with her contribution to the jumble sale – and there it was – the wooden box.

I will be honest – NO WAY was that box going to the Jumble Sale! (However I did put in £10 to the Jumble Fund)

So back to my ramblings about the dressing up!

So I had filled the new box with dressing up clothes – recycled the storage rack (read veg rack) that had previously been used for the heuristic items before the purchase of the new storage units – and filled it with hats, wings, gloves, sunglasses and so on – and the excitement from the children as they arrived was worth all the effort.

Constant changing of outfits, of admiring self, of playing in role of outfit (and sometimes completely out of role) . Apart from the fact that I had to support this changing of outfits – the children played independently for most of the morning and some of the afternoon. I wish I had more photo’s to show you – I do of course have lots of photo’s of the dressing up -but nearly all of the photo’s include faces with hats – so would spoil the  effect  if  I edited faces from photo’s. So will just have to to do with this one.


In the afternoon we did some lovely sticky pictures – with our leaves that we collected on Friday and PVA glue. I will let the photo’s speak for themselves.



Oh and Archie made a card for his Daddy’s birthday – all his own work – sticking on pictures that he thought Daddy would like. The other children were very interested and offered Archie suggestions – but Archie knows what Daddy likes and what Daddy does not like – so ignored most of the suggestions – however when it came to doing the ‘kisses’ inside the card – Alex made sure that Archie was aware of every available space to do kisses by saying ‘Here Archie, and here, and here’ – and Archie happily added kisses to all the spaces that Alex suggested.

So a busy day – but that was not all!

In the morning we had left the setting and gone out in the car – to Morrisions – so not outdoor play , or even in my eyes ‘outside’  – but an outing nevertheless. The four children were as always very good – the all walked holding onto the trolley and we did the childminding weekly shop (often done at weekends but as had been feeling ill – did not do it this weekend).

Archie was very keen to show Penny all the things that Mummy and Daddy like (Archie thinks Daddy like sweeties and coke, and Mummy likes diet coke and chocolate biscuits)

Erin was sure Mummy brought everything that Penny brought.

Alex chatted non stop about everything,

Shona and Erin said ‘Hello lady’  and ‘Hello man’  to everyone in the shop – and got quite a few hello’s back.

So on reflection – no we did not go outside to play but we did go out and as usual reflection has shown that the children have had opportunities in all 7 areas of learning

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5 responses to “Monday 15th October – What no outside play!

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  1. Wow, I want to come and play at your house!!

  2. We very often don’t have specific ‘outside play time’ especially during the winter months there just isn’t enough hours in a day! The 2 mornings that we attend toddler/ CM groups (no outside play area), we then have lunch, sleeps and snack and then it is to cold, damp and dark! We had free play yesterday with the back door open and only 2 of the 7 ventured out, sometimes children make choices the same as we do and lets face it we don’t always feel like running around outside! Today however; we have walked for nearly a mile round our local Aquadrome, so they have more than made up for the lack of fresh air yesterday.

  3. What a lovely day you had. The glue is just the same as my little ones. Far more glue than what ever the are ttying to stick .

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