Tuesday 16th October – What’s This? Phonics books being delivered to Penny’s Place!   Leave a comment

Double Standards maybe? Says one thing does another?

Not at all – but yes a set of 20 phonically correct books were delivered today – in fact not one but two sets.

I am sure some of you are now a tad confused – because I have been going on and on about how I think phonics should not be taught to to children under 5,  about how I am not going to use so many (if any) laminated word cards.

So why are two sets of phonic type books being delivered to Penny’s Place?

Ah – I hear some of you say – we know! It is because you have just started delivering the free entitlement isn’t it Penny? You have been informed by your early years team that you should teach the children phonics.

Yes I am provided the free entitlement  for 2 three year olds – and 1 two year old – but no that is not it – my early years team have yet to visit or comment (and we will have to wait to see what they say).

No I brought the books because I am not against phonics – I am against teaching the children phonics!

There is a huge difference  – sorry I had best explain!

These are the books


It is a set of 20 graded books – all traditional stories – and all not only phonically correct but in order of introduction in letters and sounds.

So traditional stories from around the world (includes a short statement on inside cover about story and where from) – so if I was into ticking boxes – that would be a box ticked

Graded – starts with wordless stories up to books with around 20 words per page – another tick

Phonically correct – so words that children could decode if they were ready to do so – another tick

Guidance in the book – another tick

Links to website for teachers and parents – another tick

All in all pretty good.

Just one thing puzzling me

The books that state they are for pre- school and for letters and sounds stage one – are the wordless ones.


So maybe – even the Oxford Reading Tree agree with me

– well maybe in part – because the books with words are for those aged 4 -5

Oh and the second set? They are for Ben and Josh my twin grandsons to support them in the months before they start school as just four year olds by birth date – and  older 3 year olds by due date.

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