Thursday 18th October – Mended the house, now what shall we do?   1 comment

This morning the children decided that the little tikes dolls house needed mending – so they all fetched tools from the conservatory (where the tools are currently part of the continuous provision) took them into the lounge – and started to mend the house.

The children clearly had different ideas about what was ‘wrong’ with the house – some were mending with drills, screwdrivers and spanners – however Archie’s ‘professional assessment’ was that the house needed to be demolished!So he set about trying to achieve this with what he calls his ‘Knock knock’ (hammer to you and me). Lets just say Archie is very good at using his knock knock!

After about an hour the children were satisfied that the house was repaired and started to wonder about.

It was then that Shona said ‘ Go outside, want go in garden to play’ Then ‘Please’ (We are at the stage where the children are choosing not to say Please and Thank you – having been very good at doing so for months. So was pleased that Shona said Please without a prompt.)

So outside they went – all of them – it was their choice – but they all wanted to go out. So off they went to put on coats and shoes. This takes some time because although they now can all do these tasks independently – they often get shoes on wrong feet and coats upside down – but with support they do eventually succeed.

So into the garden they go – Resources provided – saucepan instruments, wooden circles, chalk, bamboo sticks – wet patio.











The children had great fun – the pictures demonstrate this. However my in the head observations noted the development of drawings (Shona, Chinzia, Erin in particular), Archie’s banging skills not limited to using his knock knock – he also very skilled at using beaters on the saucepan drums. Alex and Archie building skills with the reels, and Chinzia’s and Shona’s skill at balancing on the up turned reels.

And the one thing the photo’s do not show – is the singing! Loud, joyful singing – led by Shona (in that she organised them all to sit on the wooden circles together to do the singing

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  1. Love the pictures 🙂

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