Friday 19th October – Muddy Puddles, Muddy Children   2 comments

Today we went to Baggeridge Country Park with our friend Carol and her minded children – and met up with another childminding friend Jen

Link to country park here

As I guessed it would be a bit muddy I helped the children put on their splash suits (these belong to Penny’s Place and we have a range of sizes) and their wellies (provided by parents – but we have a good range of spares – which is as well, because today Chinzia did arrive with boots but they were proper winter boots rather than wellie boots and so she borrowed some boots to avoid spoiling her own lovely boots)

The country park is about a 30 min drive from Kidderminster and neither Carol or I had been there before, but Jen had and it was on her recommendation that we were trying it out.

There is lots of space, hundreds of foot paths and therefore walks in different directions, a play park  – two different sections but within the same secure fenced area. The area most suitable for little ones is set in a huge sand pit – fantastic. There are toilets near the play park and also near where you enter the park a cafe selling drinks and food – we didn’t try the cafe as we had taken a picnic – but Jen says it is reasonably priced and sell things that kids like such as beans on toast.

We started with a walk – and with in minutes they had found a large muddy puddle.

Of course once they had found one puddle – they just had to find more! Soon they were covered from head to foot in muddy water – but were having such a fantastic time. The only time Penny tried to stop the puddle jumping was when they found a VERY deep puddle – as in half way up their wellies – which of course meant when they jumped it went over the wellies. I say tried – because the children would comply and come out of that particular puddle – only to jump straight back in!

After a while we moved onto the play park and ate our picnic – however the children were so eager to explore the equipment and play in the sand – that they said they did not want fruit or (more surprisingly) cake!

No – Chinzia has not fallen over – she is doing some large scale mark marking with her arms – look and you can see the circle she has made – all her own idea – and she was very pleased with the result.

A lovely day out and great fun – however when we got back to the car Penny discovered that the children’s wellies were full of sand, and muddy water – and their socks – well no matter how clean or what colour the socks had started out being that morning, they were all now a uniform yucky brown colour!

Back at Penny’s Place –  Penny washed socks and splash suits FOUR times by hand and they still were not clean . A wash in the washing machine also did not get the socks clean or remove the brown stain from the seams of the suits!

Even so I would still go back – but maybe on a day when there had not been quite so much rain in the previous weeks

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2 responses to “Friday 19th October – Muddy Puddles, Muddy Children

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  1. That’s my kind of childminding, sounds brilliant x

  2. Sounds great fun!! I think we have the same suits, ours seem to be getting rather stained too.

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