Monday 22nd October – Off on a Bear Hunt!   2 comments

Well to be truthful we have not actually been on the Bear Hunt yet – but we will at some point.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I don’t do formal planning but that I do have a topic book – for the new readers of my blog this basically means that my only written planning is a one word long term plan – and that is ‘Books’- I then have a focus book that is changed as an when needed – and this focus book is then the very loose focus for activities. Our last book was ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ which lasted for about 6 weeks as the children were very interested in bridges (and they linked it to the previous topic which was ‘The Three Little Pigs – as they took bricks from that topic and used the knowledge with bridges)

So today we changed books – first because interest in bridges was beginning to reduce but also because I have noted an interest in hiding with the children – so hiding themselves and hiding things. The final reason is to do with their language development as I want to focus on positional words – which of course there are plenty in the story ‘We”re Going on a Bear Hunt’ – plus lots of repeated refrains – perfect.

When the children arrived they took part in the usual free play, had breakfast and settled down (I always find first thing on Mondays we need to have a period of time to re establish boundaries and  just to settle back into things). Then I asked if they would like to watch a DVD – they did – and were a little surprised – watch a DVD – in the morning – never heard of at Penny’s Place!

So we settled down on our cushions to watch – and within seconds they were interacting with the DVD – repeating the refrains – and showing a range of emotions. Shona in particular was very expressive – and  it was a delight to watch her as she did the actions and facial expressions.

At the children’s request we watched it twice – apart from Alex who was a bit scared of the bear and had decided to go and play because of the ‘monster’

After the second viewing Penny introduced the toy bears – a polar bear, a black bear and a brown bear – all from the TY range so fairly representative of bears – without the ‘scary bits’ such as sharp claws and teeth – and of course without size comparison. Alex was reassured when he saw the toy bears and happily played with them.

Whenever we start a new focus book – we always make new placemats – sometimes these are word mats printed from Sparklebox – but I did not like the ones to go with this story – too many words and not enough pictures. Sometimes they are collage type with the children sticking on pre cut pictures to go with the story. Today we talked about all the different environments in the story – river, woods, mud, forest, snowstorm and of course grass – I had pre cut pictures of these environments (from Twinkl – just a small section of bigger pictures)  and I had also printed each child’s name. The children then produced their own mats (although of course I did the laminating) Photo’s taken before the laminating.
















Our second activity was to start our new display – so we put up some pictures of different bears – including a Teddy Bear- and a title ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ again from Twinkl – but printed a smaller size. Next the children coloured some pictures of the long wavy grass (yes, from Twinkl), I cut out some pictures of the characters – again from Twinkl – and we then created the first bit of our display- which as you might guess will grow over the coming days and weeks.

The children then carried on playing, had lunch, nap time and then more playing (until our usual DVD time just before home time) but the thing I noted was that the children were acting out parts of the story – using the toy bears and repeating the refrains.

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2 responses to “Monday 22nd October – Off on a Bear Hunt!

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  1. I’m going to have to check out twinkl I think. Love the planning idea. 🙂

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