Thursday 25th October – An ‘all sorts’ Day   1 comment

We started the day with a bit of a recall about our trip on Wednesday to Wonderland – and looked at the photo’s again (the children love looking through the photo’s and frequently do so).

We then made a large chocolate sponge cake – for no other reason than Penny had some cream in the fridge that needed using.

On this occasion Penny did most of the ‘doing’ following the instructions from the children – who also ‘demanded’ to look in the bowl at every adding of ingredient or mixing action by Penny.

There was a lot of counting, describing – and I am pleased to say – explaining. Previous blogs about cake making have described how the children were puzzled about where the things put in the bowl went – particularly the eggs.

They had now worked this out – and explain in detail about where the eggs etc are still  – ie in the bowl – just ‘mixed in’  – a big scientific understanding for little ones.

After the cake we read ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ – we have now adapted the story because Alex is still not very comfortable about the bear – and so we now say the bear wants to play – and is very sad that the people shut the door and he can’t go in the house. Luckily there is a picture of a sad looking bear walking back to his cave. This extension of the story also supports the children’s knowledge and understanding of the world – as they thought the bear had toys in his cave – and Alex thought the bear had a DVD player and TV in the cave! They now know that the bear does not have these things in his cave and that is why he wants to play with the children in their house. Alex is now much happier about the bear in the story.

(I have to admit I am just waiting for the children to decide the bear should go shopping to buy his own toys – and if that happens we will of course extend the story again – because if that is how the children want the story to develop – it would be wrong to prevent their creative thinking).

Today I decided (gosh – I planned) to try a slightly different approach to our sticking activity – rather than all of them do it at the same time or two at once – I wanted to try each child working on the picture by themselves – I also wanted to remove myself further and to supervised from the doorway rather than at the table. My reasons being that I had a feeling that the children were not being creative in an individual way due to interaction from me and the others – and possibly some ‘copying’ of ideas. Not saying that anything wrong with either of these points – and indeed can promote creativity – but I think can also hinder personal creativity.

The children were given a pre printed outline  picture of the bear from the story, a choice of small felt pieces in different bear colours (browns, black, and white ) some white circles (one size) and black cirles (3 sizes) and a pot of PVA glue complete with spreader.

Chinzia went first – lots of glue all over the bear, then she stuck on some felt pieces, then three white circles – on the face but in slightly alternative  places, then some more felt pieces.

Shona next – again lots of glue – a very quick adding of felt pieces mainly on picture but some not, two white circle eyes in the right places and a black circle nose – again in the right place – and finally some very small black circles on one of the bears arms.

Archie next – loads of glue then felt pieces – then 3 white circles – in the right places for eyes and nose  – and then he added a felt piece to the face area saying ‘and face’

Alex was last to have a go – now Alex surprised me – last week when gluing his leaf picture he applied lots of glue to the paper then added leaves – but today he took a very long time to carefully pick up each felt piece – apply glue directly to it – and then carefully stick into position that he choose – interestingly though some were stuck outside of the bear outline. Two large black circle eyes were added in the right places.








Parents were surprised at their child’s creative abilities and were even more surprised to find out that I did not give any directions or suggestions and had supervised from a distance.

For my part – I was very pleased because I know if I had of been a bit closer to the children my mouth would have disobeyed my head – and not kept quiet – but of said ‘ Now where do you think the eyes go?’

Time then for a quick lunch of  Beans on Toast and fromage Frais before all getting ready to fetch Dominic from school. For those of you who don’t know Dominic is my 8 year old grandson and he has Aspergers – and as Dominic will proudly tell anyone and everyone ‘I go to a special school – you know it is full of Aspergers’. We are fetching Dominic today because his mum has a hospital appointment and won’t be back in time – we are fetching Dominic at 1pm because Dominic is still in the transition stage of being reintroduced to formal school after a year out of school – and of course being gradually introduced to the new environment of his new school.

After we have collected Dominic we drive for 5 minutes to Worcester Resource Exchange – my local Scrap Store – Dominic is delighted to be going to Granny’s ‘Junk Shop’ and tells everyone ‘My Granny is buying junk – you can make things with junk. The lady at the desk recognises the mindess and says ‘Oh here are those good children – I have got some stickers if you are good again today’. Nice to know that the children have a reputation in the wider community for being good.

The children were indeed very good and together we selected a lot of useful ‘junk’ – including quiet a lot for Dominic  to take home to ‘make things’

We went back to Penny’s Place – looked at the stuff we had brought – had snack time and then took Chinzia and Erin home, then Dominic went home. And as a bonus Alex and Shona were collected early- leaving just Penny and Archie for the last hour or so.

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  1. Lovely to read how much fun the children had 🙂 I’ve adapted stories too where one of the children has not been so keen on particular aspects. I think I do a bit too much of the ‘where do you think this should go’ talk, I’m inspired by your post to take a step back and let them get on with it in their own way and see what happens.

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