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Today was one of those planned days out – that did not quite go to plan – but was nevertheless a very nice day out!

I had a tip off that Groupon had a very good deal on a family ticket to Wonderland in Telford Park. So good that I just HAD to buy it !

So what was the deal – well for a mere £12 –  5 people could go for the day to Wonderland – access all the rides and attractions AND each child would also get a Halloween goody bag.

Now as it happens we don’t include Halloween in the festivals and celebrations that we cover at Penny’s Place – but even so I thought that there would be enough ‘non Halloween’ things for the children to enjoy that it would be still worth going.

Parents were all happy that we were going – so I brought the voucher – in fact it was the first ever voucher that I had brought from Groupon .

Now as you all know I have five mindees on a Wednesday – so I had to ask Carol if one of my mindees could walk through the ticket place with her – no problem she said – all sorted.

First change to plan occurred on Tuesday morning when I had a call from Mia’s Daddy – Mia would not be attended this week because she had gone on a last minute holiday with Mummy and Nanny (seems mindees families like to take advantage of special offers as well)

So four instead of five mindees for the trip – then my daughter Rosie (who is registered as an assistant ) phoned to say her car had brokenand was in the garage,  and so would not be able to go to work (she works in a children’s Center). My luck was in! Do you fancy a trip to Wonderland I asked? Thankfully she did – so a email to Carol to explain the changes – all re sorted!

We set off early – picnic, pushchair, outings bag, potty, 4 mindees, me and Rosie. Children excited – me suffering from lack of sleep- Rosie worried about cost of car repair. We meet up with Carol at the pore arranged spot and off we go in convoy – Carol in front.

Slight detour on route – to a car park! One of our party needed a wee! NO not the children – Penny! (and as we had stopped – Carol as well)

On to Telford – change of leader as we approach Telford because my Sat Nav programmed with free car park details. Another unplanned bit – we thought the car park was a 10 min walk from Wonderland – in fact it was less than a minute walk and we were there! Showed the two vouchers (Penny’s and Carol’s) and in we went 3 adults and a total of 7 children.

We headed for the rides – and come across a giant – a very large giant! What’s more he is talking to us! We stand and watch for a while but Alex is not very keen and a bit worried – so we move on.

First ride is the rabbit ride – me, me say Shona and Erin – and one of Carol’s children. Alex and Chinzia most definitely DID NOT want a ride. Nice gentle ride going slowly round the track. The girls loved it. Next ride please!

What about the Caterpillar Ride say Carol and I – both having spotted the twirling teacups – that may be were not 100% suitable. Yes, Yes,Yes – the same three girls wanted to go on the Catterpillar. In they climb – seat belt and bar should have warned me about this ride – but it didn’t.

First surprise it went up in the air but did not go to fast – the girls were enjoying it smiling and waving – the watchers Alex and Chinzia were waving back. The ride slowed down , descended and just as we moved towards the gate to collect the girls – it set of again – but this time backwards ! I was not expecting that and by the look on the girls faces – neither were they! However after the initial shock – they were once again smiling and waving and I could hear Shona saying ‘Again, it is going again’

We then head to the loo’s –  (nice inside soft play area – but not using it today) -and  after toileting , we set off on a mini adventure – through the forest following the path – we spot lots of little houses – and a queue to collect the goody bags.

We look through the windows of the little houses and can see characters from fairy stories – Chinzia is not sure but after reassurance that it is only pretend and that we are not going in the houses, she relaxes and starts to chat about what she can see. Alex is even less sure ‘No like it’ he says and stays close to Penny – he looks through the windows but only briefly and if he thinks it is scary – he backs off. The three girls – Erin, Shona and one of Carols run ahead and chat (loudly) about what they can see. They are not familiar with all the stories but describe what they can see. However when we get to the display of three houses and three pigs – they know about that story. Even Alex and Chinzia stand and look and chat – because of course the story of the three little pigs was our topic / focus book a few weeks ago.

We then met up with our friend Jen and continued on our adventure – we passed some dinosaurs complete with loud noises – yes of course Alex did not like the noise despite his interest in toy dinosaurs at Penny’s Place. Penny understands why though – the noise was not very dinosaur like!

After looking at a few more little houses (and we did not see them all) we back tracked and started looking for somewhere to have our picnic – the only bench we saw in that part of the forest was right by the loud speaker making the  dinosaur noise! So we continued until we got back to where the queue was for the Halloween goody bags – and although far from ‘a nice picnic spot’ there were at least some unoccupied benches. So picnic was eaten there – Rosie who finished lunch first was sent to stand in the long queue to hold our place until the children had finished lunch – once they had finished the five oldest children (4 of Penny’s mindees and 1 of Carols), Rosie and Penny went and collected the goody bags – while Carol stayed with the buggies and her two baby mindees.

We were given empty goody bags (nice large ones) and then had to follow the path to several different little houses. It was dark in all the houses and in each one was a person in Halloween costume and in character. The children did not like it – Alex hated it and clung to Penny crying – however Alex did not want to go out because he wanted the things to go in his bag (in each house another small item was added to the bag) Shona soon got the hang of it and was keen to take the items – and even to say thank you – the others needed support to move forward to collect the items from the characters.

Once we got outside the last little house, the children were full of it – and wanted to go and tell Carol all about it – their fear having disappeared.

By now it was time to head home – the children chatted both on the way home(until they fell asleep) and once back at Penny’s Place  about their day out – and by listening to them you could tell they had had a lovely day.

And did they notice the huge amount of  Halloween decorations all over Wonderland – NO! They remembered the fairy lights, the pumpkins, the 3 little pigs and their houses , getting their bags, the giant ……and ……….. the …

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